Prevent your knees with Zamst
Play and compete with knee protection

ZAMST JK-1 Knee Support

Zamst JK-1 Knee BraceWith ZAMST JK-1 you will feel much better playing and competing in sport like basketball, volleyball and other athletics. It works great with various sizes to protect the athlete’s jumpers knee.

It provides moderate support centering the kneecap to apply pressure and reduce the stress that is caused while running and jumping.

It wraps around your kneecap to provide compression and stabilisation in the patellar tendinitis. It is highly recommended for young players who are growing quickly during their pre-teen and teenage years.

A knee brace can serve many capabilities depending on the particular problem in which it is being utilized. If you have suffered a dislocated patella (kneecap), a brace can help retain the patella in the right place while in walking, operating and sports activity. Soon after knee surgical procedure like a meniscus repair or an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) repair, a knee brace may help stabilize the joint. A brace may also be used to stabilize the knee inside the initial treatment of a fracture.

The knee brace needs to be used together with strength weight training, flexibility, and skill refinement of athlete’s technique of given sport.

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