In short, VERDA is about a way of living
Powering Active Individuals

Plant-based nutrition is the future of optimal health!

Verda Nutrition Vegan Organic NutritionIn short, VERDA is about a way of living. It is a key foundation in a path towards a better and more sustainable way to live and thrive.
Reflecting on how the majority of Western culture views nutrition, many people still struggle with the dietary options that are presented to them in everyday life. Within the dietary choices people make is a heavy emphasis on the convenient satisfaction of needs – fast foods, energy drinks, refined sugars and carbs – all of which can lead to a host of potential problems, from diabetes and psychological disorders to obesity. Where some might dismiss this problem as a lack of willpower, we define it as a lack of education – an informational and conceptual gap in human nutrition that needs to be addressed in a global way.

Verda is a Vegan superfood for powering active individuals while maximizing global benefits. This all-natural choice is gluten-free, lactose-free, GMO free, and plant-based for an earth and body-friendly source of daily nutrition.

Why Vegan Nutrition?

Vegan Protein Powder AustraliaTo make matters worse, on the other side of the health spectrum the fitness industry’s emphasis on physique often becomes absolute for many. Rather than viewing their health as a myriad of interconnected elements, many people become obsessed with their body’s form. “Losing weight” or “getting in shape” are common concepts that people acquire in an attempt to fit a pre-defined ideal body image that Western society has created. While slimming down and building strength can in fact be excellent goals to set on the path to healthy living, they do not tell the universal truth about what it is that makes a healthy life.

From nutrition to fitness, many struggle to find a complete picture about what it means to be healthier and happier, or to see the available options needed to make informed choices. This is the social mindset that VERDA Nutrition seeks to change.

Vegan plant-food supplements like VERDA Superfood are also densely packed with natural land and sea plant and vegetable greens phytonutrients, exotic superfruit anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and even probiotics. All of VERDA’s greens and fruits undergo a premium freeze-drying process to preserve 100% of their biological value. All of these micronutrients combine to help boost immune system, provide natural energy, support improved organ function and digestion, fight free-radicals and cell aging, and support an overall active lifestyle.

As part of our mantra to change the way people think about health, we advocate for an emphasis on “wellness” over “fitness” on the path to a healthier life. Wellness starts with the realization that a person’s health is a diverse mosaic of which nutrition and fitness are just two pieces. Mental clarity, personal goals, relaxation, self-esteem, reciprocity, etc. are all part of a more global approach to health and one that we find goes hand in hand with Vegan nutrition.