Top 10 Safety Tips for Rock Fishing

Being amateur in anything will provide you with your fair share of fails and obstacles and, whenever you overcome one, you will have the opportunity of improving your knowledge and come closer to being a professional. But once in a while you will get discouraged and lose interest, especially when things keep working against you and it just seems impossible to find a solution. We know the feeling therefore, we have compiled some of the most useful tricks and tips to help you in your future career as a professional rock fishing addict.

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1. Always check the weather prognosis prior to any commitment
Look for high-pressure weather systems, because it will indicate more stabile weather conditions, as opposed to low-pressure ones, indicating strong winds that can ruin your entire day. You should make this a habit, especially during your first fishing trips, because it will help you raising awareness regarding threat factors that every fisherman should take into account. This will help you exercising what you love in maximum safety conditions.

2. Leave a track behind
It is just as it sounds. Before going anywhere, always inform someone about your destination, just to avoid any unpleasant surprises. You don’t know what may happen so it’s reassuring to know that someone is aware of your location. Also, if you make a last minute call to change locations, leave a message or make a call to announce any change of plans.

3. Never lose focus
You need to be aware of the fact that, despite the predictions indicating calm weather, some fishing places may just be too dangerous to tackle, which is why you always need to keep an eye out for the best suitable locations, offering the minimum amount of risk possible. Try moving to some calmer sides of the bedrock or opt for an estuary fish. It will give you an increased sense of security.

4. Take precautions
You live far away from the ocean and you intend to go for fishing in the ocean but, as you arrive, you notice that the conditions are too rough and you just wish you have had taken that estuary outfit with you. In order to avoid this kind of issue, next time you should do just that. This way you will also have the option of moving to a different, more gentle fishing place, instead of just going back home.

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5. The right equipment
Bear in mind that most fishermen are used to flat surfaces, which makes them to come up to a rock fishing session completely unequipped. It is a common mistake that a rookie will make to show up with a knife in a gun fight. Inspect the terrain. Mostly, we are talking about slippery slopes and slime covering the rocks and you need to be properly equipped in order to avoid any accidents. Choose steel spiked shoes that will offer you a far better grip and also buy quick dry clothing, especially designed for such occasions. This way, if you are to fall in the water the equipment you are wearing will not drag you to the bottom and it will dry out faster, reducing the risk of hypothermia. Also, do not traverse the rocks carrying food buckets, heavy bags or any other uncomfortable material that could cause imbalance.

6. The weather is tricky
This is another common mistake made by beginners, which is always misinterpreting weather signs and miscalculating the distance that the waves are at. This can lead you into all sorts of trouble, so it is good to have a keen eye for ocean movements to be able to prevent any unwanted surprises. Actually, the so called “freak waves” coming from nowhere and washing you off the rocks are just a myth. What actually happens is that people don’t know how to predict wave movements because, in reality, if you know how to do that, you should never be caught off guard. Inform yourself on how can you learn this and you should be able to keep yourself safe at any time.

7. Keep the distance
It is not recommended to stay too close to the shore therefore you should use a rod of at least 3 meters long. Actually, the longer the better, because this type of rods are designed to both keep the line suspended on top of the rocks and keep you safe at the same time.

8. Meteorologists may be mistaking
There is no reason to make a big fuss about it. Meteorology is not an exact science, which is why certain weather misinterpretation can occur from time to time and you should not alter your mood by complaining it too much. You should be aware of the fact that unpredictability is part of the system and you should keep that in mind. Whenever weather will start messing with you, despite of the fact that you were well informed of the situation, just change the fishing place and don’t force things out. It may cause you more unwanted side effects than you would like to get.

9. Right type of shoes
Icebug Zeal OLXI cannot stress this one enough. The rocky surfaces around the ocean level are a very dangerous place to be at, especially when carrying heavy equipment, so you need a pair of shoes that will offer you both comfort and security. Try finding ones with metal spikes as these will offer you a better grip on the slippery surfaces. Swedish company Icebug makes shoes that are acknowledged as having the best traction in the world. High Traction Anti-Slip Shoes like Icebug Zeal OLX is a MUST for fishing. Check out the Icebug Technology here.

10. Proper clothing
I have mentioned this before, but it is something that cannot be ignored and it is of extreme importance not only for rookies, but also for veterans, because the effect is as compelling for one as it is for the other. You should opt for water proof equipment, because fishing on the rocky ocean shore is pretty different than the lake lines. Here you will be constantly bombarded with water when going too close to the edge and you want to keep yourself as dry as possible. Fast drying fishing clothing will also assist you if you happen to fall in water, as it will remain light enough to keep you near the surface so the way you dress has never been so important.