Icebug Zeal – All Purpose Performance Shoes

When choosing to go hiking in some reclusive mountain area, wearing the safe footwear should be the first priority in your preparation. Swedish traction shoes company Icebug, claims that its running shoes are designed to offer excellent traction on any type of terrain, including wet and slick surfaces. This statement virtually begged for a field test and what better way to do it than to take a pair out for a course run?

Icebug RB9XFor our incursion in the Icebug world, we have chosen some rocky terrain landscapes just to see how the new Icebug Zeal model will perform. Unlike other Icebug shoe models that use metal studs when gripping on the surface, the Zeal RB9X model has rubber ones, designed for any types of terrain.

What is the verdict, you may ask? The Zeal model performed flawlessly, with Icebugs HGMS2 (*Holy Grail Midsole Soft AND Stable – technology) designed for rough terrain areas. Now, we have specifically chosen such a harsh terrain, because if this was to work, then you should have no problem whatsoever when taking the same model to your ordinary running track. And I must say the test was a success.

Icebug Tough Mudder

Here are some important specifications that will help you getting all the information you need about this specific model.

  • Icebug Zeal comes in two models, RB9X and OLX. First one is the one designed for both wet and dry surfaces, ensuring a powerful traction through its rubber lugs , while the OLX model uses steel studs for a tightened grip on very slippery surfaces.
  • This model addresses runners opting for hardcore running sessions, involving snowy or icy paths and even muddy and slippery races. The Zeal model will offer an impeccable traction on any type of terrain, which makes them priceless and a must-have in any athlete’s collection. Add the “non-absorbing” characteristics to that and you have your dream shoes right here.

What’s our overall impression? The Icebug running shoes are the perfect choice for every hardcore runner aiming to test its limits in an unforgivable terrain. Trust us, Icebug shoes can handle any situation with the same ease. They may even last longer than you.

Icebug Zeal RB9X Traction Shoes