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Its the year of tough mudder and obstacle courses, there are various enhancements occurring in every aspect of this sport including: the promotion of the best races that you can find, optimizing the gear for any tough mudder obstacle race athletes, as well as various training tips for both mud and obstacle races.

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Several years of field testing were quite enough to establish what is the best brand in this field, when talking about running shoes here is the conclusion that we have come up with. Icebug has been named the official brand shoes for the OCR Warrior and OCR World Championships and it didn’t take long to figure the reason for that. As you can imagine, we could not just take anything for granted when it came to shoes designed to withstand the harsh conditions of mud runs and we just had to put them to the test. It did not take long until we have reached to a meaningful conclusion and this was that Icebug is one of the most reliable specialized shoe brands out there. Every type of shoe that we have tested proved to be extremely resilient and well-crafted and, trust us, we have tried to reach their limits with every field test that we have conducted. And we have failed. Icebug Acceleritas4, for instance, have a strong grip and an excellent traction, perfectly suitable for muddy and slippery terrain. As a matter of fact, Icebug running shoes are presented and recommended by the Tough Mudder Obstacle Race Pros and we can totally see the reason now. The flexibility and precision offered by Acceleritas4 are only equaled by the comfort provided by all Icebug RB9X models, as well as a flawless performance in almost any imaginable conditions.

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If you are a distance runner, you probably know that every shoe will finally meet its end and the end is bound to happen sooner than later in the running industry. It is one of the reasons for which you need top-notch products that will withstand the pressure and your are subjecting them to, because you need to take into consideration the side effects of potentially low quality shoes. A worn off pair of running shoes will cause you blisters, dislocations and even fractures, because the stress your feet bone will endure with each race are massive. What you need is a pair of shoes especially designed to face any type of pressure for longer periods of time. Many athletes are reluctant to try different alternatives and prefer to stick to their almost expired track shoes, thus exposing themselves to future harm. This is where Icebug comes in and this new Swedish company took the shoe market by storm, offering an unmatched option in terms of quality and endurance, when talking to mud races and obstacle course running shoes. Their design is attractive and simple, the quality is unparalleled and the performance is flawless. Icebug Spirit5 OLXIcebug Spirit5 OLX, for instance, is a 260 grams obstacle shoes, capable of withstanding any weather conditions, including mud, water and intense heat, while also perfectly handling the mileage and providing a powerful grip. The shoe has its upper portion designed from a mixture of polyester and nylon, waterproof, but still breathable and its 14 metal studs will improve traction on virtually any type of terrain. Just so you can have an idea about what we are talking about, let me tell you that we have intended to take these shoes to their natural limits and we have tested them in various race types such as trail runs, sprinting, wall climbing, logs and slippery rocks and muddy terrain. You can imagine the awe when the shoes offered a firm grip even on wet rock. Due to BUGrip technology, which consists in metal and rubber simultaneously touching the hard surface, the shoes were able to perform flawlessly, offering an impeccable grip on any surface.

This is what makes Icebug one of the leaders in the field of tough mudder and obstacle course running shoes, providing an unmatched quality, combined with resilience and endurance, as well as with a high degree of comfort. Try it and this should be enough for a love at first sight!