How Babies Can Help Mums Become Top Running Athletes

Being a mother was something that would have got you banned from any athletic competition up until 2-3 decades ago. Pregnant Woman RunningIt was incomprehensible that pregnant women, or even those who recently gave birth, would participate in running competitions and it took an iconic figure to turn things around. Liz McColgan gained fame and admiration, but also a great deal of disapproving, after she managed to win the world cross country championship, three months after he daughter was born. Nearly 16 years later, Paula Radcliffe, another athlete, was back on track 12 days after giving birth and this was another major step in accepting mums’ tendencies of becoming as strong and as influential as any iconic sports figure. Count Harriette Thompson in, as a 92 year old grandmother, recorded as the oldest marathon runner in the world, having 10 nephews, and we have got ourselves a trend.
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Mums’ emancipation in athletics started with shy manifestations, but they we are, few years later, even influencing doctors’ recommendations regarding sports programs during pregnancy. It is now proved that various forms of exercises, running included, are highly recommended for the pregnancy period, said to have a beneficial effect on both the mum and her baby. This has been made public by one of Tommy’s research group campaign, which started putting together plenty of exercise programs designed to help mums get in shape, while staying healthy in the same time.

But it may be a little bit tricky to start doing running sessions, as a new mum, when your baby needs you so much. Leaving him alone is not an option and this has been another aspect that was polished during the last years. Outdoor fitness classes, where you and your baby can both participate entered the general view just recently and it had a major success. The newly adopted fitness sessions are structured in several steps, including, warm up, stretches, hill running, core work and some more stretches. During this time, your baby will never leave your sight.

Running with your baby “on board” may have plenty of benefits and some of them have been observed first hand by plenty of mums, following the fitness schedule for pregnant women. The most important one seems to be an increase in lung capacity, due to the increase amount of effort a mother needs to invest in the running process, when having 25 extra pounds with her. This will have a future after birth impact, which will translate in an increase in one’s running capacity, in both endurance and resilience.

So, next time when you’re considering heading for a run, take your baby with you. It may work wonders for your physique.