Adidas Running Shoes = Ocean Garbage

Ocean garbage is the perfect material for high quality Adidas running shoes.

You would think that human waste floating around the ocean waters is a major problem nowadays. That is partly true and there are many active campaigns trying to tackle the problem around the clock. This is the exact thing Adidas was thinking when it decided to start a partnership with Parley of the Oceans and design a running shoe made strictly out of ocean trash. The material used consists in plastics and residues coming from fishing nets floating all over the ocean’s surface and the entire concept behind the campaign is to show that you can recycle virtually anything using innovation and out-of-the-box thinking.

It seems that Adidas’ initiative is related to Parley of the Oceans’ efforts of educating the masses on the dangers involved by suffocating our ocean waters with waste and their collaboration is paying off on a long term. Oceans are getting healthier and the result is a groundbreaking fashion article that will revive the competitive shoe market.

Adidas Running Shoes made from Ocean Trash

The resulting shoe you see in the picture above is almost entirely made of filaments, yarns and gill nets remains coming from confiscated fishing materials. The materials were collected by Sea Shepherd, one of Parley’s partners, over the course of almost 4 months specifically for this campaign and were confiscated from an illegal fishing ship.

The shoes are not yet released on the market, however, Adidas ensures all their clients that later this year they will have their first sample shoes taken out for sale. This innovative shoe is meant to start a whole fashion trend aiming for more and more similar products. Diversity seems to be the keyword Adidas is looking to impose in the near future. The “trash-shoe” should be introduced for the open market around the last months of 2015.

via Adidas