Swiftwick Compression SocksComfort IS performance at Swiftwick. Each line of socks we bring to you has been engineered and developed with you in mind. At Swiftwick, we aim to fuel your adventures with the best socks designed by athletes for athletes. We fuse our personal experience with the most advanced fibers to create socks proven to propel your performance, so you can do what moves you.

Four main pillars that we build into a pair of Swiftwicks

Swift wick Managed Compression SocksMANAGED COMPRESSION
Exclusive to Swiftwick, helps you feel the moment. When you wear Managed Compression socks, you’ll instantly notice the second skin fit that stabilizes your feet’s 200 ligaments and 35 muscles. It’s proven to reduce swelling and increase circulation to help you perform stronger and recover quicker.

Swiftwick Chemical Free Moisture WickingCHEMICAL-FREE WICKING
Chemical-free wicking performs every time and delivers the ultimate dry-fit. We fuse the most advanced knit patterns with structured Olefin and Merino Wool fibers to pull sweat off your body and repel moisture.

Swiftwick Blister FreeBLISTER-FREE
Our seamless Linked Toe and Managed Compression technologies keep your feet blister-free. This fit gently hugs the shape of your foot and eliminates negative space.

Swiftwick Anti OdourANTI-ODOR
Feet can stink, but your socks don’t have to. Our natural odor fighting technology helps your socks stay fresh longer.

The value of a Swiftwick sock

The average life of a Swiftwick sock is three years under normal, extreme use. An active person will purchase and destroy 12-24 pairs of cotton socks during the lifespan of one pair of Swiftwick socks. Swiftwick socks are actually a better value in the long run!

Buy Swiftwick Socks AustraliaSwiftwick socks are 100% made in the USA

We’re proud to develop and manufacture our socks in the United States. When you buy American-made products, you are making our country (and our world) a better place. Our commitment to domestic production enables us to provide our customers with the highest quality socks and stand by our “Best Socks Ever” guarantee.

ASPIRE ZERO Razzle RedSwiftwick guarantee

At Swiftwick, our team takes pride in helping our customers achieve their athletic goals. We embrace this passion and aim to fuel your adventures with the best socks designed by athletes for athletes.

With our various lines, you are certain to find the perfect sock for your adventures. If our product does not perform to your satisfaction, customer service will replace it- even with a competitor’s product.

Sustainable approach

Our athletic sock lines are knitted at 200 needles; the highest density you’ll find in socks. The higher the needle count, the tighter the knit. Our socks are so tightly knitted that trail debris or foreign material can’t penetrate your sock to cause irritation and blistering. This structure creates a second-skin feel, prevents shifting or bunching and eliminates the risk of friction blisters while making your shoes fit more comfortably. Our high-gauge construction produces a softer, denser and more durable garment. Wear Swiftwick and you’ll buy fewer socks — it’s that simple.