Hewitt is a 60 Year Old Homeless Bodybuilder

Its an inspirational body transformation story of a 60 year old named Kim Hewitt. He was overweight and homeless but became a bodybuilder at the age of 60.

Here is the story…

Kim Hewitt 60 Year Old Bodybuilder
Kim Hewitt can now lift almost three times his own body weight. Picture: David Swift

Mr Hewitt a former homeless man has achieved a remarkable transformation into a muscle-flexing gym junkie. He suffered two major accidents that put him in and out of hospital for four years. During those years he contracted a superbug. At the end of his treatment, he was bankrupt and homeless.

Mr Hewitt had no family and was living in the back streets of the hospital. But in 2004 he joined the gym at Norths in Cammeray. He lost 50kg within 3 years from a 136kg body weight.

He loves exercising so much, Mr Hewitt lifts weights for 2 hours every day and he is now a fitness instructor teaching aqua aerobics.

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