Spartan Race was the Most Intense Workout!

Spartan Race
Soooo I can officially declare that Spartan Race was the most intense workout I have ever done! Mentally and physically I was challenged right from the starting gun.. Carrying the 20kg sandbag up the 5 levels of ANZ stadium destroyed me and well and truly set the scene for what was to come.

From climbing ropes and walls to crawling through tunnels I must say I had a lot of fun. This time it wasn’t my sister by my side but instead my good friend Danie. We encouraged one another and helped each other along the way, as did complete strangers and this was so nice to see! If it hadn’t been for them I may have ended up needing rescuing – Hoisting a sandbag up a wall became what seemed impossible especially when given my ingenious idea of jumping on the rope and using my body weight to pull the rope ended up with me being lifted off my feet as the sandbag apparently weighed more than me.

With a little help from everyone I was brought back onto my feet and the sandbag was hoisted to the roof! Crossing the finishing line sweating like crazy I was proud but also so thankful I’d put the hours and effort into really training hard the last few weeks and sticking (almost) completely to my CSA nutrition and training plan. In the past I’ve done events with limited training and no diet – I can definitely now see the results in following a plan…

I’m now already looking for the next challenge and thinking Tough Mudder in November could be just the one I’m looking for. I’ll just have to look to my sister to now be keen to smash it with me..

– Rhiannon

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