No limits November…

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Today is exactly one month till I take on the Men’s Health – Survival of the Fittest Challenge!

ICEBUG Traction ShoesThe videos I’ve watched look intense and like no other. I’m actually quite scared and it’s made me really put myself back into gear. Earlier this month I had the biometrix assessment reveal in only 2 weeks of following a solid nutrition and training plan from CSA I’d lost over 3% body fat. I was quietly proud, (well overly loud and proud to my sister as I achieved more than her).

I unfortunately was unable to train for 2 weeks following surgery and I felt the struggle. I love working out and it was hard to stop myself. Especially after seeing my sister maintain her CSA programme in Bali. I miss her so much! But after the all clear from the doctor I’ve started mixing up my training. I’ve even tried the F45 gym and going to try new supplements from CSA this week. I can’t thank them enough for the new shoes which are going to take a beating in “no limits November” Before it’s time to smash out the training before “Die Hard December!”

– Rhiannon

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