I’m Jenna – Sisters before Blisters

Jenna Nicholas“I think an introduction from me first is also in order. I’m Jenna; born and bred on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Younger sister to Rhiannon, although I am a good foot taller than her so people usually think I’m older. I absolutely love being fit and healthy, and I am a ‘beach-bum’ at heart so I enjoy living by the beach – I use it as my inspiration!
I have always played competitive netball, but lost my passion and drive for it over the last couple of years so I started running instead; more and more and more!!

Last year I set myself a challenge to complete the Sydney Blackmore’s Half Marathon, which at the time felt like the toughest thing I had ever done. 12 months on, I have just completed my first FULL marathon. I set a target with Matt to achieve under 4 hours, and with a tailored training and nutrition plan I smashed this! Having played netball my entire life, my knees are shot to pieces. The CloudRacer shoes really helped me overcome this problem and achieve my goal.

I now have my eyes set on completing a half ironman next year. But first…. I need to buy a bike! At least Summer is coming which will help with the early morning swimming starts. Bring it on!!”

See my sister Rhiannon here!

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