At last I am in Bali!!!

Trip to BaliAt last I am in Bali!!! I am feeling fit and beach ready, all the hard work has paid off.

It is so hot and humid here. It feels like I’m training in a sauna. Running for 10mins feels like you’ve run a marathon. A swim afterwards is definitely in order!

Nevertheless I want to keep fit whilst I am here so I have been using the gym at the resort which is air conditioned. Although there are no leg weights in there, so I am having to improvise and get creative using the dumbbells like wall sits, lunges, squats, step ups etc. Plus lucky I packed my skipping rope! My new Icebugs have been great for this type of training; so light but still so supportive – my knees feel great.


I am being supp free over here for the 12 days so I am concentrating on eating clean. Lots of salads and fresh fruit and juice by the pool every day.

CSA Trucker Cap

Looking forward to coming home revitalised and relaxed, ready to train hard with CSA in the lead up to the new year.

– Jenna

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