Ryders Eyewear Australasia continues to push the boundaries as Australia’s most trusted sports eyewear brand as it has done for the last 20 years delivering exceptional quality sunglasses at realistic prices.

During that time it has become evident that Ryders, not unlike the sunglasses it creates, has been able to succeed through thick and thin. Quality, flexibility and versatility have always been key, and this is reflected in Ryders Eyewear’s ability to keep up with a rapidly changing world, while never losing sight and the vision that were at the heart of its inception. For this reason the future of Ryders Eyewear will hold the success of its past, but will look completely different, Ryders pays careful attention to the global world in which it exists, constantly changing while always remaining.


Ryders Eyewear is constantly striving to provide products that combine the use of the highest quality light weight materials with innovative and functional Winning Formulastyling. Ryders Eyewear Australasia offers the durability and optimum protection that you require to be in sync with us and our philosophy of VISION DRIVEN PERFORMANCE.

Performance Sunglasses Sunshade from Ryders EyewearAll Ryders Eyewear lenses are light weight, scratch resistant & provide 100% UV protection.

Ryders Eyewear, through the use of new HEV Lens Technology which applies a synthetic Melanin, gives you the improved protection against HEV light (aka “blue light”). Unlike “blue blockers” Ryders HEV lenses are designed to block harmful UV and reduce but not eliminate blue light so that colour balance is maintained.

Over time exposure to the suns harmful HEV (High Energy Visible) light and UV rays without adequate protection can contribute to long term problems such as cataracts, macular degeneration (most common cause of vision loss), cancer to the skin around the eyes and early skin ageing.

Ryders frames are made using the highest in quality lightweight and durable nickel silver (metal) frames, nylon and crystal nylon frames. Crystal nylon the latest innovation in Hi-Tech materials, is a proprietary high performance thermoplastic material used to create a low mass / low inertia frame which will not bounce or shift during athletic activity. Crystal nylon, the ultimate in materials is engineered to endure extreme highs and lows in temperature and is extremely lightweight, yet flexible and durable enough to withstand high velocity collisions. There is nothing better.

Ryders frames are engineered for comfort and fit, second to none. Ryders are specifically designed for minimal slippage and to ensure a secure, comfortable fit, especially when wearing for sport. We have also included hypo allergenic rubber nose pads, temple pads and temple tips for people with sensitive skin.