The Epic Female Runner Who Doesn’t Understand Defeat – Heather Dorniden

I bet you had no idea that Heather Dorniden is as good at flute as she is at running. But what really defines Dorniden’s life is one simple word: persistence. As a young college student she had to choose between her taste in music and one phenomenal talent for running. It seems faith decided for her and she got a scholarship at the University of Minnesota and the first step was made.

Heather Dorniden Kampf

Heather Kampf (née Dorniden; born January 19, 1987) is an American middle-distance runner. She competed in the 1500 metres event at the 2014 IAAF World Indoor Championships.

What followed was an explosive career, one accomplishment following the next, Dorniden being counted for several important prizes and distinctions:

  • Nominated 5 times in a row the most prolific all-state runner.
  • Winning Class AA titles for 400 meter race in juniors and 800 meter race in seniors.
  • NCAA champion for the 800 meter indoor track.
  • While still a rookie, won the 2008 Female Athlete of the year distinction.
  • Won 6 track and cross Big Ten races while commanding Gophers.
  • Last but not least, she is currently one of the 87 all-time women ever awarded with the NCAA Scholarship.

Moreover, she wants to be remembered as more than an amazing athlete, but an amazing human being. That’s why she embarked on a philanthropic mission designed to gather as many students as possible and volunteer for more than 1.500 hours for special organizations like: FOSC (Feed Our Starving Children), Special Olympics and Big Brothers and Sisters.

What’s next?

Dorniden’s most epic race (the 600 meter Big Ten Championship – 2008) is also one of her greatest inspiration sources. That fall that happened with 200 meters to finish, the crazy sprint for the second place and the cheering coming from the crowd is what makes that race the most important moment of her life. An awesome athlete and an inspiration for every woman, Dorniden is determined to leave her mark in the competitions to come and she has great expectations from the future, just like we all do.