Finding the Perfect Pair of Running Shoes

Finding the perfect pair of running shoes is a sheer tough task taking into account that there are numerous options available but it is indeed worthy of putting the effort. Running shoes play a very vital role in curbing the ground impact when your feet hit the ground. Your running shoes soak up all the shearing, twisting and jumping forces when you run.

Buying the Right Running Shoes

So, if you opt for the wrong pair of shoes you will surely have to bear the cons. This article is intended to provide you smart buying tips that will certainly help you. So let’s get started….
Know about pronation because it greatly impacts your decision of buying a running shoe.

In simple words, pronation is a rolling motion that absorbs all the ground impact on the exterior of your heel when your feet lands on ground. This rolling motion helps you to balance your run. However runners “overpronate” and exceeds the rolling motion due to their athleticism.

So it’s very vital that you find out if you “overpronate” or not before deciding on to buy shoes because there are numerous designs available in the marketplace to assist you minimize the overpronation effect and control your feet impact.

You can know your pronation level through Gait Test that is specifically designed to examine foot pronation level.

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Types/purposes of Running Shoes

Neutral: These types of shoes are designed for people with normal pronation level and people who underpronate. Runner with normal pronation level must look for well-cushioned shoes.
Support: These kinds of running shoes though provide some support in minimizing overpronation but they also have the same cushioning like neutral shoes. These types of shoes are best fit for those who mildly overpronate.
Motion Control: These types of shoes offer great amount of support for runners who “overpronate”.
Trail: These types of shoes are best for runner who runs off road.
Lightweights: These types of shoes are neutral as well as supportive and are a perfect fit for racing and fast training.
Racers: These shoes are specifically designed for racing or ultra-fast training. These shoes are very light in weight but offer limited protection. However, some of the racers shoes have inbuilt overpronation support.

Some running shoe buying tips

  • Always make sure that you buy running shoes late in the day because studies have revealed that feet tends to expand from few millimeters to 2 centimeters by the end of the day.
  • It is always better to shop at specialized running stores or running shoes section at big stores. Runners have suggested that you can get better quality shoes in specialized shoe stores instead of ordinary sports shoe shop.
  • Here is a smart advice: While shopping ensures that you try the shoe with the same socks which you wish to wear while running.
  • Always change your shoes after 800 kilometers of running. The reason for this is that your running shoes start to deteriorate from heel and mid sole section. You can wear them for non running activities or casual walking if you wish.
  • While buying new pair of running shoes ensure that you measure your feet very precisely.
  • Always make sure that there is finger-width space between the shoe box and great toe because this protects your toes while running and helps in proper expansion of your feet when you run. You can also opt for a maximum of thumb width at the shoe end. This way though you will end up buying bigger size shoes but that is perfectly OK.
  • Never opt for shoes having more space than your finger width because it is not at all recommended to wear very loose running shoes.
  • In case your specialized shoe store provides you forceplate or treadmill test than take advantage of that but make sure that the person doing the test is qualified as it will ensure perfect accuracy.
  • NEVER run with new running shoes. Make sure you have used your new shoes for at least 100 miles because this will protect you from feet injuries.
  • Another smart advice: Don’t visit specialized shoe stores on weekends because at that time they might be overly crowded and you might not get the proper assistance you need.

It might seem like a lot of work. Isn’t it?
Though it seems like a lot of work but it is very essential to follow these tips. However you may say goodbye to your running shoes and try the barefoot running. Barefoot running can be a good experience as most barefoot runners are happy running without shoes but the final decision has to be yours. No matter what you do, always keep running. Have fun and enjoy running!

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