Buying the Right Pair of Shoes

There is a very common phrase used by the universe, “standing on one’s feet” it means simply being able to take one’s decisions, choose the right path and earn one’s livelihood. This article is not related to this phrase, we are rather trying to bring your focus to the importance of the subject here, “feet.” Each and every part of our frame is very important, you cannot rank them. What differentiates between them is the frequency of usage or functionality. Cloudtec Cloudster Running ShoesYou cannot walk without using your feet, when you are running a lot of pressure is exerted on the feet. Take it jogging, climbing or any form of motion, your feet will always be in action. You always need to have a fit, strong and healthy pair of feet. Therefore, maintaining the general health of feet becomes very much important. What does the sentence “general health of feet” mean? Well, the answer is quite straightforward and simple; a healthy pair of feet includes proper blood circulation, properly trimmed and healthy nails and disease free feet. You must have heard of several problems and diseases of feet like various fungal and bacterial conditions, dry skin problems, calluses and corns, bunions, warts and ingrown toenails. The biggest reason behind all these problems and diseases is the poor quality and wrong size of the footwear that you use. Right pair of running shoes can also help you run efficiently and further with less injuries. Your feet have to withstand so many years of damage. Not paying enough heed to problems like tight pair of shoes, harm causing sole, broken sole and many others lead to repeated damage and abrasion to our feet, which further leads to complications like arthritis, nerve and circulatory disorders and diabetes.Buy Icebug Traction Shoes

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Let us take you through some important steps and tips which will help you buy the right size and pair of shoes:

  1. Frequently measuring the size of your feet: As you are growing up it is apparent the size of your feet will also become bigger, therefore (if you are an adolescent) you must frequently check the size of your feet. If you are buying shoes after a year or so, there are good chances that your feet might have increased by a millimeter or two. This will let you not get puzzled at the shoe store.
  2. The right time of measuring your feet: Generally, when you wake up in the morning, your muscles are relaxed and so is your feet, therefore they are not actually at their expanded size, but after they whole day’s work, your feet tend to get enlarged, this is the best time for you to measure the size of your feet.
  3. Choosing the larger feet: Many of us have different size of foot. One might be a little larger than the other. It is better to choose the size of the shoes as per the larger foot.
  4. Different regions have different sizes: The size of the shoes vary as per regions across the world. A size 7 of UK is generally size 6 of India, therefore it is highly advocated to choose the size as per your fittings and not what is mentioned inside.
  5. Choose the running shoes which has a structure like your feet: In today’s world, you get a liberty of choosing shoes of various designs, styles and formations, it is, therefore, better to go for the ones which have a shape similar to your feet.
  6. Enough space to accommodate your toe: When you have gone for a trial, take care of the fact that there is already 1/3″ to 1/2″ of space for your toe after you have stood up.
  7. The ball of your foot should sit comfortably in the widest part of the shoe: This area should not cramp the ball under any circumstances.
  8. The wrong notion and expectation: It is a bit wrong to believe that light weighted shoes are the most comfortable ones. No, an average weighted shoe will give you better protection and comfort. The other fact which people believe is that the size of the shoes will stretch after usage; this can turn out to be a big mistake in the long run.
  9. Spending time before buying: Spend some time with the shoes that you have liked, walk on the carpet, do some running and make a couple of small jumps. Until and unless you are satisfied with their comfort, do not buy them.
  10. The top part of the shoes should feature a soft material which takes the shape of your feet: The sole should be soft and provide sound grip. Shoes which have low heels are very much comfortable. Having thick soles will provide your feet protection from getting hurt on harder surfaces.

Apart from getting the perfect pair of running shoes for yourself, you must also take care of the fact that keep your feet clean, do not sit for longer periods of time keeping your legs crossed, and have pedicure and foot massage regularly to keep the blood circulation healthy. Wear socks of good quality to avoid infections and bad odor.