7 Most Efficient Ways to Maximize Your Cardio Workout Results

We all know how difficult it is to lose weight and how fast we gain extra pounds, even when we don’t want to. You body seems to have a mind of its own and no matter what you do, you keep gaining weight, or, at least, you fail to get in shape. These are things all of us confronted with at one point or another, and it is extremely frustrating to put in effort and commitment just to get almost nothing in return. Regardless if you are trying to get rid of that belly fat, or looking to get a fit and trim body, here are the 7 most efficient ways that will assist you in your weight loss efforts, helping you to maximize your results:

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Maximize Cardio1. All-work may fail you
You are at the end of a real cardio marathon and you have pushed your body to the limit? That may not be as fruitful as you may think, because your body also needs rest. It may seem awkward that you need rest in order for the workout to take effect, but that’s the way it is. Professional athletes are well aware of this effect. The recovering process your body goes through helps it to become stronger, fitter and slimmer. It needs time and regular rest after intense workouts, because during that time it is rebuilding itself. Know your body’s needs and you will maximize your cardio results.

2. Light and often beats hard and rare
This is a common mistake among rookies, not only when talking about losing weight exercises. They do the same thing in almost every sport; they go in hard and they crumble in the same way. Don’t go and force yourself, running 2 times a week, for 50 minutes at once. Instead, try having 20 or 30 minutes running sessions 4 to 5 times weekly. You will notice the difference, especially when knowing a thing or two about diversity. Running up-hills will stimulate your muscle mass a lot more than a flat track, which leads to a higher consumption of energy. Your focus should be on consistency, not on intensity.

3. Diversity is the key
In every branch of sports, one thing is for sure: as the time passes, your body will get used to the effort and it will stop evolving. Bodybuilders are especially affected by this feature, which means that they have to constantly shock their body in every way that they can. This is also available when doing light workouts, destined to lose weight. Don’t do the same type of running every single time, because your body will eventually become numb and you will also get bored quick. Alternate the tracks, the environments, the intensity and the company you are in. Every change means something new that your body needs to adapt to, while also keeping you entertained and focused all-time-around.]

4. Combine and adapt
Simple enough, if you are doing weightlifting workouts, try and combine that with lighter exercises like using a fit ball or swimming. This last activity is particularly satisfying, because it offers a lot of diversity to play with. Besides the fact that swimming uses every muscle in your body, it will also act as a relaxing massage, while also being an excellent cardio exercise. Not only that, but, being in the water, you will be able to experience with a wide range of movements, which will stimulate your body in many ways. Be creative and get the most out of it.

5. Weight loss should not be your goal
I know it sounds a bit awkward, but consider this. When establishing a target weight, you will lose interest once you have reached the self-imposed goal. Instead of trying to get rid of the extra pounds, focus on accomplishing running distances. This means that what your aim will be to increase your running achievements, not getting to a certain weight. You brain will identify this new goal as a primary objective, which means that you will be constantly motivated. The weight loosing stuff will derive from here on its own.

6. Leave the music – listen to the nature
I may break a few hearts here, but listening to music while running is not as will get you less benefits than running with your own thoughts in your ears. You have to take the running experience as a quality time with yourself. It will help you concentrate on your goals, meditate and even discover new things about yourself. As a tip, try listening to music only in the last 10 or 5 minutes of your running session. This will help you lessening the time dedicated to such activity, once you will start increasing your track distances.

7. Quality running shoes come second
Amazing, isn’t it? You would have though choosing your running shoes is extremely important and it is, but there are other things that are far more important than that. For instance, focus on building feet strength. No type of running shoes can assist you in your quests if your feet are not prepared for the effort to come. Paying attention to muscle and bone strength and development should be your primary objective, because this is where results come from.

Also, a heart rate monitor may come in handy, because it will help you determine the pace and rate by which you commit to effort. Do it your way and get the most of it. A water bottle belt is also a must-have. Proper hydration is an important process in any physical activity, because, when ignored, it will cause a drop in efficiency.

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