5 Mistakes Any Rookie Will Do When Running

Summer came and you are more determined than ever to start your own running program, but you have no experience in this field and you are bound to make the most common and the most costly mistakes that any beginner will do in its first running sessions. These mistakes may not be that serious, but they will affect your running capacity, therefore you should make everything in your power to get yourself educated on the subject and learn how to avoid them. Here are the 5 most common you will do as a beginner, as well as the most useful tips on how to remediate them.

5 Running Mistakes

1. An explosive start
This is every beginner’s downfall. They are going too fast and too hard from the first session and last thing you know is the body fails at delivering the final result. This might make you consider running to be way off your league and lead to a premature surrender. In order to overcome this problem, keep in mind that, in running, the progress is slow and you need resilience to reach your goals. That’s why you should set to a pace that will not only help you preserve the energy for longer periods of time, but it will also increase your confidence.

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2. Having the wrong shoes in hand
The word-play may seem cute, but the problem is not. Not only blisters can help you detect the wrong shoe choice, but also other significant problems such as ankle distress, hip and knee pain and even shoulder discomfort. A wrong pair of shoes can kill your running program pretty fast. In order to avoid such problems, when getting a pair of shoes, you need to keep a close on your feet’s characteristics. Have in mind the way you walk, how your foot touches the ground and what’s the area that suffers the most pressure during running. It will help you getting a more appropriate pair of running shoes and your results will improve significantly.

3. Farfetched goals
You’re watching experienced runners performing and your goal will most definitely be to match their capacity, which is completely wrong. You cannot compare with a professional runner, or even with an amateur one, but who has months or years ahead of you. The only person that you need to compete with is yourself. Don’t try to run 5 miles just because you’ve seen someone that does. The solution to this problem is to establish achievable goals, like running a mile, for instance, and move along from there, as your body starts to become familiarized with the effort.

4. Wrong diet program
You won’t be able to sustain your efficiency as long as you are not providing your body with the fuel that it needs. A well compiled diet can make the difference between results and fails and you should be very careful with this aspect. This is actually very common among the new runners. One day they are filled with energy and stamina and the next they are all worn off, just because their diet is lacking proper nutrients. Feed and hydrate your body accordingly and it will perform at higher rates for longer periods of time.

5. The annoying heel striking
If you’ve never considered this aspect as a problem, you may have to do it now. Striking the ground with your heel when running may open the door for some nasty injuries later on, so you need to be able to control this issue. The best thing to do is to focus on the way that your foot hits the track and try to land mid-sole, as this will ease the stress on your heel and it will allow you to run for longer periods of time, without the risk of injury.