3 Awesome Tips to Increase Your Running Efficiency

The sooner you start being aware of the need for a change, the faster you can accomplish it. This is perfectly available for both your everyday life and your particular hobbies such as running. Now, keep in mind that, despite running is basically the same process, bearing the same mechanics since we started walking on the face of the Earth, there are several particularities that will differentiate a successful runner from a newbie. Not only that, but having an insight in the running process will help you achieving a better understanding as well as way better results in the area. Here are the three awesomely simple tips that are so obvious you didn’t even took them seriously:

3 Awesome Tips to Increase your Running Efficiency

1. Having an appropriate position.

Identify the problem: During the running you need to look at your feet and notice their position in relation to the rest of your body. Noticing that your feet are in front of you, means that your heels will be severely stressed during the running.

Solve the problem: Try leaning forward when running and try to keep your feet under your body. Therefore, instead of your heels touching the ground first, you should touch the ground with your entire sole. For an easier approach, try using the same running style that you adopt when running barefoot. You will notice the difference.

2. Watch for your posture.

Identify the problem: There’s a reason for which the running posture is used as a life metaphor, more specifically the position of your head. Having an appropriate head positioning will impact your efficiency in running more than you might think. Start being aware of your head position and notice the direction your gaze is aiming when running.

Solve the problem: You should use more confidence in your overall posture, which means your head should adopt a straight forward position. Keep the head straight up, your arms bend at a 90 degree angle and pull the elbows back for the same distance that you use to swing your arms forward. You should not disregard the importance of your arms in running, because their movement is as important as your legs’.

3. Adopting an improved cadence.

Identify the problem: Next time you go out for a running, take a minute and count how many times your feet get in contact with the ground. The number you will get is your cadence and cadence is particularly important when it comes to optimize your running results as well as staying safe from injuries.

Solve the problem: Not everything that’s big is better, especially when talking about your running strides. In order to have a starting point, you need to remember that the optimal running cadence is about 180 steps each minute, which will cause a lot of runners to even shorten their strides just so they can fit into that area.

The advantage of this cadence is that it protects your heal from the stress implied by long strides. Another important aspect refers to using your arms more. A faster arm cadence will force your legs to increase their movement rate, which will result in faster running times. It is basic science.