Concrete, Now
Softer Than Ever


No matter what type of runner you are – high-impact, long distance, trail guru – with the On Cloudcruiser, you’ll enjoy ultimate underfoot protection and support. Its patented CloudTec system has been reinforced so that it creates even softer landings and more explosive take-offs. Run as hard as you like.

On Running Cloudcruiser Shoes“With this shoe, which promises to help the wearer run faster, you will feel as if you are running on sand. It is the most extraordinary development in the running shoe market.”

I make concrete easy – that is the claim of the On Cloudcruiser, the ideal companion on long-distance runs or for high-impact runners. It takes full advantage of the patented CloudTec sole, giving you both a cushioned landing and a powerful takeoff. With 15 high-profile “Cloud” elements, the Cloudcruiser offers outstanding impact protection and keeps you in your comfort zone. But the Cloudcruiser will also surprise you with its lightness. And it is good- natured: The midsole, with its flexible Speedboard, allows you to maintain your individual running style and even forgives the occasional misstep – both on and off-road. You will experience optimal support from the soft, padded collar that surrounds your ankles as well as from the progressive lacing that is distributed evenly over the bridge of the foot, preventing pressure points. The light, three-dimensional mesh weave of the Cloudcruiser’s fabric assures great freedom of movement in the forefoot and excellent ventilation. In short: Win the battle beneath your feet and transform impact into an easy, natural run.

Cloudcruiser Cloudtec

The patented CloudTec sole with 15 high-profile “Clouds” made of a durable, low-abrasion rubber compound offers outstanding impact protection. Cushioned landing, firm takeoff.

Cloudcruiser Lacing

An innovative lacing conforms to the foot via a inner sheath before connecting with the upper over the bridge of the foot, providing even distribution without pressure points.

Cloudcruiser Ankles

A customized soft collar of memory foam en- sures comfortable hold around the heel and ankles.

Cloudcruiser Forefoot

The very light, three-dimensional woven mesh fabric combines optimal freedom of movement for the forefoot with excellent ventilation and a high degree of comfort.

Cloudcruiser SpeedboardThe On Running Cloudcruiser Speedboard promotes a more efficient running gait to maximize performance.

On Running – Cloudcruiser


  • Three-dimensional woven mesh with triangular structure is light, soft and breathable
  • Heel strap guarantees additional support
  • Padded tongue ensures a high degree of comfort


  • High-grade EVA midsole provides prolonged durability and performance
  • Molded insole provides optimal comfort and support


  • Supports a more natural and ef ficient running gait to maximize your performance


  • High-profile Cloud elements offer outstanding impact protection
  • Honeycomb profile provides grip on and off the road