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On Cloud Shoes ReviewManufactured by the Swiss manufacturer ON, the ON Cloud uses its patented Cloudtec technology to deliver a super-light, responsive, and flexible zero-gravity foam running shoe. Unlike several other running shoes available from this company as well as others, this pair features an easy entry lacing system that is easily adaptable to your feet. In addition, the company provides a woven band that is capable of adapting to the foot movement and is able to cradle the heels. Using the new and latest feature “Speedboard” available in this pair of running shoes, your feet will be able to use their natural energy promoting maximum performance with an efficient running gait.

The sixteen cloud-pods are attached directly to the flexplate through the Speedboard eliminating the need for bulky midsole. In addition the flex is placed strategically enabling the sole to adapt to the users’ footprints.
The On Clouds’ outsole is conceived from the latest biomechanical research, which is a central channel between the lateral and medial sides of the feet. This technology allows the sole to freely adapt to the individual’s movement path. Combining the Cloudtec technology with Zero-gravity foam, the Cloud running shoe is amongst the lightest available with excellent cushioning and impact protection. The upper part of these shoes is made from breathable mesh providing the perfect climate for your feet. The speedboard is beneficial in evenly distributing the pressure to the sixteen elements. The custom foam formula offers signature cushion landing for this amazingly light pair of running shoes. This pair is appropriate for runners who want superior shoe and light sole for maximum comfort. The heel-toe offset is six millimeters with the shoes weighing around one hundred seventy grams.

On Cloud Running ReviewThe Swiss manufacturer On provides podded sole designs on all the running shoes. This primarily consists of square-like rubber pods that are hollow in the center. These pods are capable of compression during contact offering excellent cushioning. Unlike the other models available from ON, the Cloud comes with sole pods that are built from the midsole instead of the rubber outsole. This means the shoes are hollowed out foam and the pillars that support the pods are thicker resulting in lesser compression. This feature provides the model higher responsiveness from heel to toe in comparison to other running shoes. This is often surprising for runners because this feature enables the shoes to deliver racing-flat feel on the road while giving excellent performance while picking up the speed.

The upper portion of this pair of running shoes appears casual and looks flashy with style. The mesh is fairly thick and appears long lasting and durable. Towards the back of the shoe the upper portion has the feel of canvas-like. The shoes provide minimum structure to the upper part with an almost slipper-like feeling making it an extremely comfortable pair. The forefoot is sufficiently wide but some users may find the toe wiggling space a little limited. This pair is very pliable with superb cushioning giving the users excellent flexibility making it appropriate for tempo runs as well as races.

Just like the other pair of shoes manufactured by ON, the Cloud have some excellent features. The upper is made from soft, light weight mesh that is reinforced with thicker material extending from the laces to the heel counter. The company has also eliminated the conventional midsole and below the footbed ON running shoes provides a thin plate of plastic known as the Speedboard along with two rubber pods rows forming the outer portion of these shoes.

The company positions the On Cloud running shoes as an all-purpose model and these are apt to this description. This pair is not only suitable for running but can be used for fitness corner workouts as well as for long walks with its Zero-Gravity Running Technology. The company offers superior springy cushioning making these shoes very comfortable when compared to many other options available in the market. Compared to other models made by ON, Cloud compresses more during impact because of the softer, taller, and broader pods provided by the manufacturer.

The unique combination of pliability and cushioning makes the Cloud runner popular even amongst the non-racing users. Although this pair is classified as a slip-on, it is available with aerodynamic and sleek chassis making your running session remarkably comfortable and effortless. ON blends injury protection features with lightweight to provide versatility to these shoes making it an appropriate pair for runners and other athletes. The deep flex grooves offer improved range of motion with maximum flexibility for extra comfort. A minor disadvantage experienced by some users is the extra layer of material that extends from the eyelets to the heel counter that is provided for additional support upper. Nonetheless, once you are used to this shoe, you will be extremely comfortable and able to run a few races with the On Cloud trainers that are available in many different colour options.