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Cloudsurfer Trainers ReviewAs obesity continues to be a major problem affecting millions of people around the world, awareness on regular exercise and its importance for a healthy life is on the rise. In addition, more people are running for different causes with the objective of fulfilling their community responsibilities and giving back to the world. Running is not a sport that can be learnt overnight and regular practice and training is necessary to achieve the desired goals.

There are several things that need to be considered; however, one of the most important one is to procure the right pair of running shoes (On Running Cloud Review also available for purchase). An inaccurate choice can result in injuries that may be very painful causing harm to your feet and body. To avoid this, it is recommended you acquire some knowledge on procuring the best running shoes.

Every individual has differently shaped feet with distinct functionality. Getting some knowledge on the biomechanics of your feet will be helpful in determining the right kind of shoes for your needs. Aesthetical appearance of the shoes is only superficial and must not be the primary criterion to make your decision. Checking with a pedorthist to know about whether the foot arch is flat, high, or normal is advisable. Understanding about biomechanical issues, need for using orthotics, suitability of the type (motion control, neutral, or stability), and the correct foot size is very important to make the right choice. Running shoes are available in various kinds, such as light weight, neutral, motion control, and stability.

Users can find several kinds of running shoes manufactured by companies from around the world. A quick look on the Internet will provide several options for the “best pair of running shoes” making it tough for arriving at any decision. Nonetheless, considering the above factors and referring to what actual users are saying one pair that is becoming popular is the ON Cloudsurfer for men and women. Manufactured by a leading Swiss company, this pair is soft, comfortable, springy, and well made. Running shoes are constantly evolving but the large number of happy users indicates this pair to be currently ranked amongst the leaders. Using the Cloud Running technology, the On Running Cloudsurfers are light weight but may seem unstable in the lateral motion for some time until you get used to these.

On Cloudsurfer TrainersThe initial feel when you check out the Cloudsurfer (Womens Fuchsia / Azure), the On company has spared no expense even in the packaging being used; however, it is not unaffordable. The On Running Cloudsurfers are available in attractive colors and are lighter than expectations of most users. The pull tabs at the rear make it easy to wear these shoes with a spacious toe box providing sufficient room for your feet to breathe. The midsoles are made from EVA foam that is very comfortable and soft. The most important and convenient feature of this pair of running shoes is the outsole. The modern technology using Cloudtec pillow offers the shoes the cushioning and is the key feature of the shoes made by Swiss manufacturer ON. Initially, you may feel like you are sinking due to an odd sensation during the time when the weight is being redistributed between the heel and forefoot. The Cloudtec feature also makes this shoe very springy ensuring when you take off, you are able to remaining in your stride. The pods are more than only cushioning and are provided with interlocked grippers offering stability to the users.

The upper portion of the shoe is made from mesh without any overlays until you reach the heel counter. The company provides numerous subtle features that make wearing this pair of running shoes a very pleasant experience. These include the pull tabs on the heels simplifying the wearing process. Moreover, the tongue is stitched in the medial side ensuring no movement while you are running. It is made from durable synthetic suede-like material that is comfortable and soft. A third feature is the reinforced material appearing to have been heated to weld on providing the shoe strength at its weakest point. The heel counter is very light weight but strong enough to ensure your feet feel snug. Reflective branding creates a bright flash that is very advantageous especially in the dark.

The Cloudsurfer is equipped with the patented Cloudtec cushioning system making it very agile and light. In addition it is beneficial in transferring energy to the forward momentum making it an appropriate pair for training as well as during competition. Although at first the shoes may appear broad, big, and heavy, on the go these are swift and lights stimulating your feet for responding faster. The fit is also very good appealing to runners with wider feet. The shoes allow users to move their toes in lateral and vertical directions giving them freedom from the close fitting feel of other shoes. The comfort with the cushioning technology of Cloudsurfer makes it worth investing in a pair of these running shoes.