Work, Gym & Fast Cars

nathsha vujadinovichFit chick. Revhead. Nerd. Figure Competitor. Nail Artist. Project Manager. I’m anything but ordinary and don’t let the nails, long hair and makeup fool you – I’m never scared of hard work and getting my hands dirty! My name is Natasha, I was born, raised and live in ‘God’s country” (AKA Northern Beaches of Sydney), am quite a competitive and driven person, love a challenge and I found my calling and true passion about 4 years ago when I decided to join the gym to get fit & started lifting weights.

Suffice to say, my journey to getting fit began like most other females. After signing up at my local gym, I headed straight to the cardio area and never ventured into the weights area as it was simply intimidating! It wasn’t until some 3 months after I gained the courage to walk into the weights area and began lifting heavy weights that I started to see actual results. For me the gym, or more so the weights area, has now become my second home. Despite lifting as much as some of the boys, I still look feminine and am definitely a better and healthier version of my old self.

nathsha vujadinovichI attended my first INBA (International Natural Bodybuilding Association) competition in May last year with the aim to understand what is required to compete and if I had what it takes to get up there in little more than 4 triangles of sparkly fabric not covering much! I am proud to say I did it and am currently in training for my next competition. I also firmly believe that a journey in fitness is only as strong as the support network you have around you. Matt Cheesman from CSA has been one of a select few professional people who believed in me before, during and post my competition, sponsoring me and providing me with the support and knowledge required to perform at my best. Matt also suggested (or more so told me to!) employ the services of Tim Perry, World Natural Bodybuilding champion, Personal Trainer and CSA’s Ambassador to take my training to the next level. I haven’t looked back since! In addition, from early last year, Matt has conducted regular Biometrix scans on me and not only has my lean muscle mass has increased (three fold in some areas – I knew there was a reason why my skinny jeans were a lot more tighter!), my body fat has remained stable and my strength has increased substantially.

My next goal is to bring home a first in every category in the Figure division at next years Season B INBA competition. Am I nervous? Yes. Am i apprehensive? Yes. Am I excited? Yes. Am I ready for the challenge? You bet! I believe that anything is possible if you want it bad enough! Stay tuned until next time….