Viva Las Vegas and California Dreaming

Welcome to Las Vegas

What a difference a month & a holiday makes!

On the 1st of November I embarked on my first major overseas trip with destination of choice being the USA. Week one was spent in Las Vegas, Nevada and the following two weeks were spent road-tripping from San Francisco to Los Angeles, in the beautiful state of California. And yes, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

Gold's Gym Venice BeachTrue to form, the holiday predominantly revolved around cars, cars and more cars. I was definitely in my element and had the time of my life! I met some amazing people, saw some simply stunning scenery and experienced things that no amount of money in the world could buy. One of the many highlights of the trip was training at Gold’s Gym Venice Beach, AKA The Mecca of Bodybuilding where all the greats of bodybuilding in America have trained. That place is AMAZING! And yes there was food, and LOTS & LOTS of it!

Eating healthily whilst on holiday is a challenge many of us face but really isn’t that hard so long as you order items that you would normally eat back home and look at portion control. Ideally, it would be preferable to prepare & cook your own food; however this can be extremely difficult when staying in hotels. Being in the US, it really showed me how easy it is to misinterpret portion size and quantity. Unfortunately, their version of ‘portion control’ was essentially to fit on as much food as possible onto your plate. However this didn’t mean I had to eat it all! Thankfully, I had my Ultimate Nutrition Vegetable Greens supplied by CSA when I returned home to recharge my body and make me feel good, look good and have more energy.

Buy ON Running ShoesNonetheless, eating healthily goes hand in hand with training. Long haul flights take a lot out of you, mentally and physically, combined with being on holidays and being out of your normal schedule, getting in your regular training can be difficult. Most hotel gyms don’t have the equipment you are used to using, and more often than not, only have limited equipment like one treadmill, one bike and one cable weights machine for you to use. This is where you have to get creative and use what you have at hand and also incorporate a range of body weight, compound exercises, such as squats, lunges, push ups, etc. that don’t require much or any equipment. Consistency is key! Despite being jet lagged, I got back to my training regime when I returned with my coach (who incidentally recently competed in the World Natural Olympia in Las Vegas) and it definitely did the trick!

Las Vegas Trip Photos

Reflecting on this 3-week trip of a lifetime, I now have a new found motivation and inspiration for life and training. Being fit is a way of life and the journey is only part of it. Setting and achieving incremental goals for yourself along the way allows you to gauge your progress and ultimately work towards the biggest goal you have set. Never lose sight of the big picture, keep yourself surrounded by positive people who believe in and support you and inspire others to do the same!