KitBrix – Keep It Together
bag that helps you organise your kit effectively


KitBrix Logo“I know that KitBrix will help you organise your kit and save valuable training and race time. KitBrix is for every day including race day. Train as you fight. Throw KitBrix into the back of your car, keep it by your washing machine, store it in the garage…ultimately I want you to know where all your kit is at all times…keep it together!”

KitBrix strength comes from its material, craft in construction, stitching and attention to detail.

KitBrix Bags Custom Icon“Where are my shoes?? I am sure they were in my bag!?”
Just a couple of the comments I found myself saying last year during a few triathlons that I took part in. I enjoy all sports and have A LOT of kit all stuffed in to random bags…there had to be an easier way to store, transport, find and generally organise all my sports kit so I can concentrate on training, taking part and ultimately be ready for race day…

KitBrix is a robust, time saving kit bag that ensures you are prepared and ready for training and competition.

No fuss, just organised kit #keepittogether

KitBrix Heavy Duty BagsWhy KitBrix uses Tarpaulin as core manufacturing component?

Tarpaulin has multiple uses in industry and challenging environments due to its strength against the elements, i.e. wind, rain, or sunlight, and its texture, flexibility and valuable qualities for everyday use. Tarpaulins are often used during the build process to protect brickwork and masonry from weather damage. Tarpaulins are also used for a fly in camping, a drop sheet for painting, for protecting the infield of a baseball field, and for protecting objects, such as unenclosed road or rail goods carrying vehicles or wood piles. Demand for tarpaulins is high in many sectors for its notable strength and durability by UK Government Railways and other organisations. It is also used on outdoor constructions to provide some protection from the elements of nature. As a core ingredient for military and expedition kit and equipment around the world, we wanted to bring the highest quality tarpaulin to the demanding training sessions and lifestyle that swimmers, cyclists and runners experience.

  • Heavy duty, double-lined, wipe clean tarpaulin
  • Reflective stripes and ‘easy grab’ military style handle
  • Outer gauze pockets for quick dry and easy access
  • Interlocking zips for added security
  • Adjustable padded shoulder strap with each bag
  • Bags easily and efficiently zipped together
  • Large easy find pull zips for cold wet hands
  • ID pouches for recognition and bespoke team kit bags
  • Joining high strength zips with intricate technical detail
  • Easy pull zips for cold wet hands
  • Internal clear pocket
  • 2 Water resistant pouches for wet or valuable gear
  • Large open spaced ‘stand up’ area – see ALL your kit
  • White open space for easy equipment recognition
  • Black inner space on winter versions for muddy kit
  • Wipe clean inner and outside tarpaulin
  • KitBrix British design branding throughout
  • Double layered stitching for increased strength
  • 39cm x 24cm x 24 cm
  • 1.3kg
  • Reinforced robust base protecting all base corners
  • Tightly stitched zip to ensure base rigidity as a pair or group of bags
  • Over lapping ‘lip’ on base to ensure all corners fully protected
  • Moulded and crafted to support bag to ‘stand up’
  • Each bag supplied with robust strap
  • Base can be tightly joined for transition pack
  • Mix and match colours and straps with multiple units
  • Storage of kit made easy with connection system
  • Bags can be joined for back of car cycle team support