Stimulate Muscle-building Pathways

Inner Armour uses the latest scientific research

Each Inner Armour product contains some of the world’s most groundbreaking clinically tested ingredients in the actual amounts in which they were tested, without the use of any banned substances.Our supplements and training methods focus on generating greater POWER from working muscles which is defined as the combination of speed x strength.


Team Inner Armour AthleteProviding a superior supplement line developed with the latest state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, Inner Armour delivers innovative, potent and pure ingredients, free from contaminants, impurities or inferior ingredients.

Inner Armour uses the highest quality control testing to ensure the safest, most effective and consistent supplements on the market today. Inner Armour’s research and development team, not only ensures a superior product, but you also get superior taste, as they carefully select the ingredients, and utilize the newest flavor systems for mouth-watering, delicious taste.

Inner Armour provides premium, but affordable synergistic formulas designed to stimulate muscle-building pathways, sustain muscle building and drive energy systems in the gym for superior workouts and faster recovery. With a wide range of unique formulas Inner Armour Blue provides specific formulas for the individual athlete based on their unique needs and goals.

We at Inner Armour focus on the fact that Speed x Strength = POWER because when it comes to performance, POWER is what ultimately defines a great athlete.