Footwear for the New Outdoors
Shoes with Outstanding Traction


Icebug Sweden Traction ShoesOut in the woods, over rocks, through wetlands, across the desert – the “new outdoors” lies well beyond the gym and off the beaten track. It can be orienteering, swim-runs, obstacle course racing, trail running, hiking or traveling the world – the new outdoors is whatever works for you and your surroundings. People are seeking new, fun and creative ways to stay fit while re-connecting with nature. The way we see it at Icebug, whatever you do is always better when done outside. That’s what drives us to continuously innovate and improve upon what’s already acknowledged as the world’s best traction footwear. Click here to read about the Icebug Technology.

Swedish Footwear for The New Outdoor

Icebug is a Swedish shoe company. We were frustrated by having to choose between slipping and say no to outdoor activities because of the risk of slipping. The company started as a result of us wanting to be able to stay active year-round. So we created shoes for running and activities on slippery winter surfaces. With a unique rubber compound that provides outstanding traction and smart studs, which adapts to the surface, we make shoes that allow you to move around as normal even when it’s slippery out there.

Icebug RB9X Traction ShoesIcebug shoes strives to give you the freedom to explore wherever you want to go. Our passion is to build shoes that let body, nature and spirit become one. Our Scandinavian heritage is to build footwear that lets you stay healthy no matter the weather and terrain, to forget the pavement and see where the trail leads.

From our super grippy RB9X rubber to our patented carbide-studded soles to our vibrant styles that are loaded with performance and comfort details, Icebug is indeed Footwear for the New Outdoors.

RB9X is Icebug’s latest rubber compound development, setting a new friction standard. Lab tests show that RB9X outgrips the competition, while still matching the durability of an asphalt running shoe. In the real world, this means upgraded traction reliability in wet and slippery conditions on surfaces such as rocks and wood. With our patented studded technologies, Icebug has made it possible to run on ice. Now we’re the traction leaders for rubber soles as well.