3 reasons why sugar is not good for your kids.

Does sugar make your kids hyperactive?

Hyperactive Kids on Sugar

There are countless reasons why you should not give your kids too much sugar. Check this study, it tells you that hyperactivity is not one of the reasons why not to give your kids too much sugar.

Here are 3 truth about sugar from our eBook.

  • The rush: Eat and feel great instantly. Wow! That was a satisfying meal! But your body’s working overtime to deal with all that sugar.
  • The crash: Suddenly and without any warning your energy levels drop, you feel tired, strung out and you know you need food fast.
  • The addiction: You start craving something to eat – and what are you craving? Not an apple, not a nice chunk of meat. More sugar!

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Healthy Diet eBook

So tell us. How often do you give your kids sugar? Do you set any rules? How do you plan healthy eating diet for your family?

Since sugar is added to almost all of our foods, its hard to completely avoid sugar. So how do you do it?