11 Tips on How to Keep Your Kids Active and Healthy

Staying active and constantly stimulating your body through physical exercise can have tremendous benefits on your health. Kids especially need to have a regular physical activity, because it helps them getting stronger and thicker bones, it will keep them fit and it will increase their immune system response. Also, it is a lot of fun.

Active Kids Family

A sedentary life in childhood can have major repercussions in your adulthood, which is why you need to teach your children that exercising can improve the quality of their lives. A study that took place in 2015 showed that obese children have the same circulatory problems as a 45 year old man and this is a free ticket to all sorts of heart conditions, many even deadly. This is why you need to involve them in a daily physical activity and the best way to do it is to get involved yourself. I know, it is hard to split your time between work and home and outdoor activities, but the effort will well worth it. Setting an example is the best thing you can do, because your kid will follow your footsteps, just as he does even when you don’t want him to. So take advantage and get to work. There are several ways by which you can improve your children’s active life and the word is: diversity. Here are some useful tips that will help you have a quality time with your youngster, while also helping him gaining huge physical benefits:

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Outdoor activities
A weekend spent camping, going to the pool, hiking or biking, these are activities that can be sustained throughout the year and, besides the obvious health benefits it’s also a lot of fun. Even a family picnic can be a great idea. Bring a ball with you and your kids will have their hands full the entire time.

Fitness time
This is actually a pretty good advice. Take your kid and participate in some yoga or aerobic classes. He will take it as a game, especially since you will be there with him, offering assistance and leading by example. Next time he may be the one dragging you to future similar classes.

Walk, walk
Whenever you take your kid to school, forget the school bus or your personal car. Take it on foot, either walking or running at a slower pace. If you have bicycles, that’s even better, because you will have an alternative means of transport that is also beneficial to your health.

Get that tree house done
Building a tree house will engage your kids in great physical activities, both during the actual construction and afterwards, when they will visit it 10 times a day. Plus, it will teach them a lot about responsibility and commitment.

Take your skates and go
Roller skating your way through park alleys, or even on the sidewalks, can prove to be an extremely efficient cardio exercise. Your kids will have a blast doing it, especially when you will join them, because it will be twice the fun. You can also try rollerblades and skateboarding and, when winter sets in, have some ice skating classes.

Take the dog out
It may seem like a silly one, but it is actually quite engaging and fun. A dog is always available for games and running and this will stimulate your kids to play with their best friend. Just take a frisbee and enjoy the ride.

Sport clubs
If your kid is interested in various sports, offer them all the support you can. The regular activity and the obligation to commit to a schedule will teach them to be disciplined, as well as helping them having stronger and fitter bodies.

Don’t waste weekends
Usually, there are your free days, so make the most out of them, but add diversity. One weekend play football in park, the other go for a running, and the next go camping for a day or two. Your kids will wait for the end of the week like no other day.

Go for a kite
There may be flying kites activities taking place right in your vicinity, so keep a close eye for these opportunities. You will get assistance and guidance and you will have the opportunity to spend quality time with your kids, while also getting huge physical benefits from it.

Go to beach
Sun, water and sand. What more could you wish for? Your children will have plenty of activities to fill their time with, including swimming, various games, running in the hot sand, all in all, they will have the world for themselves.

Search for parks
Many national parks have special guides, informing you about various activities, such as walks and runs and this will be a great opportunity to go out with your kids and have fun.

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