High-quality, Functional Bags for Fitness Enthusiasts.

That’s our passion, our sole purpose. We don’t make shoes or shirts. We don’t sell hats or supplements. We craft bags. Exclusive bags that seamlessly integrate form and function to reflect your lifestyle and your passions.


Fitmark gym bags for women and men

Fitmark Shield Fitness BagsWe have a singular goal: to fill the void that exists between high performance athletes and their bags. Whether at the gym or on the town, our exclusive global bag and luggage brand fills this void by bringing quality and function to your fitness lifestyle.

With a Fitmark bag, you’ve joined an elite group of athletes who lives in the place where function and fitness intersect. A group at the top of their game. Our mission is your mission: looking great, feeling vibrant, and fulfilling your highest potential.

As a lifelong fitness enthusiast, CEO Mark A. Samuel had seen one too many of his gym-mates walking around with shapeless, simple, and uninspired bags. He pondered this. He knew these same intense, stylish, and successful people wouldn’t settle for a pair of cheap shoes, an ill-fitting suit, a flabby body. So why not set the same exacting standards for a bag?

Yet no high-end company that focused solely on fitness bags existed. In 2011, he put his extensive entrepreneurial experience to work and created Fitmark. Like a fine suit, Fitmark is an instant expression of who you are and what you believe: the mark of a fitness enthusiast.

Imagine: You walk into a room. In an instant, you convey your essence. Dedicated, focused. Passionate, sophisticated, detail-oriented. Driven and successful. A fitness enthusiast whose life centers on looking and feeling good. A go-getter. You don’t settle for mediocre. Ever.

Our products reflect your high and exacting standards. That’s because we firmly believe that you can have it all: A sophisticated bag that ALSO incorporates the highest-grade materials, innovative design, and superior quality.

Whether you are a yogi or a bodybuilder, an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, rockclimber or runner, you deserve function and quality to support your highest fitness goals.