There are Compressport compression apparels that is designed especially for Trail Running. Here we discuss the 6 important things you must know about running and hiking over trails.

“You ask me why I dwell in the green mountain,
I smile and make no reply for my heart is free of care.” – Li Po (Green Mountains)

Compressport Trail Running ShortsThe first thing that you should understand is the meaning of trail running. Trail running is a sport which involves hiking and running over trails. It is also called mountain running. Trail running is completely different from road running as it takes place on hiking trails in mountain areas. Trail running takes place over much more longer distances than cross country running. Earlier it wasn’t a very famous sport, but in the last few years, it has gained plenty of popularity. There has been an increase of over 25% participants in the last 6 years in the United States of America only. The main reasons for preferring trail running over road running are little impact stress, and country side pollution free environment. These reasons have therefore increased the number of contestants and participants in such off roading activities.

Compressport Trail RunningIn our school days most of our teachers used to suggest us to get close to nature, but were always very cynical about the suggestion. But now as we have grown up, we are getting to understand the importance of nature. The city life full of its stress factors like pollution, chaos, personal disturbances etc has led us to take breaks and get close to nature. Nature is that bed of roses which takes away all our strains and tensions. The current age is characterized by fancy gizmos and some over addicting applications; we tend to forget that life is much more amazing when we get close to Mother Earth.

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Let us get into the deeper aspects of choosing trail running over road running. The most important reason for choosing mountains as a track to run is the reduced risk of injury. Most of the surface of trail is covered with lush green grass, therefore it is extremely soft. When a person runs on surfaces which are soft, the chances of overuse injury decreases. Running on such surface also strengthens the core muscles. The second reason why people choose trail running is that you get to run in betwixt pure environment completely filled with fresh air, you also find the best getaway for your weekend, the roadside pollution does not take a toll on your body.

The odds and ends of trail running

  1. Trail running doesn’t require you to carry your whole world with you; it simply asks for the basic accessories that one must carry for safety. Many of the runners can’t do without their GPS systems, iPods and BP and heart rate monitor, therefore, one can carry these if he wants. Here are the essential things which one should carry when he is out on for some trail running:
  2. Apparels: Generally, you can wear the same technical clothes which you wear for road running, but it is better to wear clothes which you will not mind getting dirty. One more thing which is very important is getting to know the weather of the place where you are going to run, if it is chilly then takes a couple of winter wears along with you.
  3. Footwear: Your footwear is going to be the most important accessory that you will be taking along with you. The shoes which you wear for road running are fine for short distances. Trail running always requires you to get hold of proper trail running shoes. Trail running shoes have a stronger and protective sole, it provides solid stability. Those rocks are very sharp therefore barefoot running is big time “No!”
  4. A water bottle: Water bottles are a big must for trail running. There are two reasons for it, the first, when you will be running you naturally feel thirsty and second, you are not going to get stores to buy water bottles. The other reason is also that you will not have to drink water from streams and ponds. If the running is going to take over 1 or 2 days then you must consider carrying a hydration nest.
  5. Insect and mosquito repellent: There are going to be some of those dangerous insects, bugs and mosquitoes, it is better that you apply some mosquito repellent cream as well as carry a mosquito repellent spray along with you.
  6. Torchlight or headlamp: The best thing about trail running is that you can do it at night without worrying about vehicles, but since you will run in the dark, carrying a torch or a headlamp becomes a must. Get hold of the LED versions as they are brighter, long lasting and lighter than normal bulb lamps.
  7. Fooding and clothing accessories: Carry some food packets or sports nutrition with you; a protein bar will always give you that surge of energy on demand. Do not forget to carry clothing accessories like a towel, slippers, night wear and socks.