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Hammer Nutrition Vegan Protein

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Hammer NutritionHammer Nutrition Vegan Protein Vegan Protein Sources:

Pea Protein is an easily digested protein containing an excellent amino acid profileo acid. Pea protein consumption increases potential for feeling satiated and thereby helps in preventing overeating.

Organic Brown Rice Protein is arguably the most hypoallergenic protein, which is especially important for anyone who suffers from chronic food allergies.

Organic Spirulina, a microscopic single-celled algae, is a complete protein source and has the highest concentration of protein by weight of any food.It is considered by many to be THE superfood of superfoods.

Chlorella is another single-celled algae and, like spirulina, is a complete protein, loaded with chlorophyll and essential fatty acids. Chlorella is perhaps the most vitamin- and mineral-dense “green food” available, including a complete B vitamin profile.

Alfalfa is an excellent source of amino acids and is an ideal food source of many vitamins and minerals including vitamin K, suggested to be highly beneficial for arterial health.


With five sources of nutrient-dense, 100% plant-based protein it makes it a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, RNA/DNA, essential fatty acids, and more. Hammer Vegan Protein is a unique blend of alkaline protein sources, highly desirable for helping maintain overall health.It is also packed with various digestive enzymes to ensure efficient and complete digestion.

It is packed with 20 grams of protein per scoop and is virtually carbohydrate-free and contains no added simple sugars or artificial sweeteners.


Hammer Vegan Protein is the perfect, delicious choice for anyone desiring a high-quality, dairy-free protein.


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