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Etixx Recovery Bar

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Buy Etixx Recovery BarsThe Etixx Recovery Bar is a great tasting high protein recovery bar helping you to refuel your muscles after exercise whilst also supporting muscle growth and maintenance and restoring your energy levels quickly, so you can start the next workout sooner.

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Sports scientists are increasingly recognizing the importance of consuming protein in close proximity to training sessions (i.e. before or after training) in order to maximize how our muscles adapt to training.

A great crispy bite and yet soft in the mouth. The recovery bars are a hearty reward after intense exercise. The high protein content in these Etixx Recovery Bars contribute to muscle recovery and maintenance of muscle mass.

  • Refuels muscles
  • Supports muscle growth and maintenance
  • Easy to eat
  • Tasty & crunchy

Etixx Recovery Bar Usage Directions

Consume 1-2 bars per day depending on exercise intensity and body weight, preferably within 30 minutes after exercise.

The recovery bar from Etixx is a high quality protein bar great to refuel and help recover post exercise.

Etixx Recovery Bar Caramel Flavour

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