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Body Bike Review

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As the Head Coach, Founder of Complete Fitness Australia #CFA a professional athlete aerobic and endurance Coaching Organisation and ex-professional athlete in Running & Cycling, Matt Cheesman knows a thing or two about bikes and has done more than his share of miles in training and in Competition across 48 Countries Worldwide. 

Also as the Founder of Complete Supplements Australia #CSA he is fortunate to interact on a daily basis not only heavily in professional sports arena of testing, preparation, competition and recovery, but also in club level enthusiasts, lifestyle trainers & rehabilitation demographic areas.

Body Bike Australia InternationalThe BODY BIKE caught Matt’s eye, not only present in some of the largest Gym Facilities in Australia and around the Globe, but also from a Retail point of view for athletes to train in in-doors at home, in a small studio, even in a rehab environment. 

Matt has ridden lots of stationary bikes, rollers, trainers, commerical and domestic units over the years, and whilst nothing compares to physically riding out on the road in real conditions and amongst the elements of Nature, especially from a skills specific point of view, the NEW BODY BIKE does offer some distinct advantages including;

  • direct force measurement
  • watt output
  • cadence
  • heart rate
  • calorie expenditure
  • other relevant indicators all from the one console

You are able with a BODY BIKE workout session to gain valuable feedback on the intensity of your training effort in a consistent manner and even measure and test watt to reveal a fairly accurate VO2 max score.

The power data from the bike itself can be displayed by other compatible ANT+ displays (ie. apps, bike computers, consoles, watches, etc), and the on board Performance Console reads heart rate and power data from compatible ANT+ sensors

Another feature Matt likes is the fact that the BODY BIKE Connect Model is a fully enclosed Cycle. It has protective side and top cover seals for safety and the central flywheel and crank prevent dust and perspiration form entering the unit, making the Cycle unit virtually maintenance free. 

Most importantly, the seat angle dimensions, crank length and pedal feel are realistic, smooth and transferable from Cycle to Bike in a valuable manner for Matt’s Athletes, Customers and Patients.

BODY BIKE International is located in Frederikshavn in the northern part of Denmark. Today, they employ approximately 20 dedicated and skilled technicians, engineers and craftsmen, and produce more than 10,000 high-quality indoor cycles every year. They have sales representatives in more than 30 countries around the world including Complete Supplements Australia in which you can purchase these Models.

Body Bike Classic Connect Australia

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