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What is So Super about Super Foods?

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We have all heard about Superman and a lot of other things ‘Super’, but have you ever come across ‘super foods’? Do they exist? If they do, what makes them ‘super’? Let us try to find out more about these foods and what makes them special.

So what are super foods?
Interesting as it may sound, there is no definition for super foods. Neither there is any branch of science that makes an attempt in defining what these foods really are. Therefore, we can call those foods as ‘super foods’ that are rich in essential nutrients and devoid of harmful elements. However, this understanding does not hold true all the time. We often come across marketers trying to promote their foods as ‘super foods’ while they may or may not be the foods they are projecting out to be.

List of Super foods
There are so many super foods nature has granted us that it is nearly impossible to list all of them here. While some of these super foods are used by us on a daily basis, we take others for granted. Given below are some of these super foods:

1] Tomato
Almost all of us use tomatoes for our everyday cooking. However, not many of us know that tomatoes are rich in lycopene, a natural antioxidant that has provides several benefits for our body.

2] Blueberry
This commonly known super food, besides being low on calories and fat, is considered best source for manganese, vitamin C, anthocyanin, pterostibene and dietary fiber. These compounds have several useful benefits including anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and antioxidant properties.

3] Broccoli
This super food that we consume of a regular basis is rich in diindolymethane, fiber and vitamin C. Besides being an excellent immune modulator, compounds present in this super food is known to help cure cancer.

It is not just the ordinary foods that we consume on a regular basis, even the foods that are exotic can be considered as super foods. Some of the most prominent ones include:

1] Spirulina
This super food is actually an alga that contains a protein compound that makes it an exotic super food that it is. Consisting of important compounds like omega 3 fatty acids, GLA, minerals and vitamins, this super food is considered superior even to soy.

2] Acai
Despite being in the news for all the wrong reasons off lately, acai is considered to be a major super food because its nutritional profile is an impressive one. This super food has anti-inflammatory properties, is rich in flavonoids that have antioxidant properties and fiber and omega 6 fatty acids.

3] Green Tea
Considered to be an exotic product not so long ago, this super food is a well-known commodity these days. In fact, they are available readily now and it was ever before. People are becoming aware of the benefits associated with catechins, an important compound present in this super food. In fact, this important compound’s useful antioxidant properties are beneficial for fat loss in our body.

Useful supplements
Though most of the above mentioned super foods are readily available, you may occasionally be confronted with a situation where getting a fresh Spirulina or acai may be tough. In these cases you need supplements like antioxidant supplements and greens to help you get essential nutrients for your body.

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