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Simple but Protein-Rich Meals for Bodybuilders that are Low on Budget

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Is it possible for bodybuilders to get their daily dose of protein whilst staying on a low budget! Well, it is certainly possible to have nutritious, cheap and delicious protein-rich meals if you are willing to research a bit about them. Internet is amongst the most popular sources to search for your protein-rich meals on budget. Nutrition books too can help you a lot in this regard.

You may often need to be strategy oriented whilst looking for foods that are rich in protein and that is extremely affordable. For example, if you are running low on budget, consider skipping packaged foods that promise you a lot on their protein content. Instead, you need to target freshly prepared foods that are sure to provide you the protein content you are looking for.

Thankfully, there are many foods available in the market that you can make use of in preparing a meal that is extremely rich in protein. The best part with these ingredients is that they are readily available in the market and costs you very little. Quinoa, a small seed, is a fine example of one such ingredient. You can easily get it in the market. Make use of it in your meal, instead of foods like rice, oatmeal, pasta, etc. When you have it with chicken, it not only makes a wonderful combination, but also becomes a nutritious and delicious meal for all, especially bodybuilders.

One sure way of ensuring your meal is extremely nutritious and delicious; yet really cheap is to feature your favorite meat for only flavor purpose rather than as an important ingredient in your meal. In other words, you can consider having meals that are basically wraps, soups and stir-fry.

Bodybuilders that are extremely low on budget may also plan their protein-rich meal around those ingredients that are put on sale. In these cases, it makes sense to buy necessary ingredients in bulk and store them in your freezer on any other safe place!

Given below are some protein-rich meals that will help bodybuilders that are low on budget:

1] Quinoa with Yogurt Parfait

Bodybuilders, irrespective of their appetite type, will surely like munching on this meal. Considered to be one of the best breakfast meals for bodybuilders; quinoa with yogurt parfait makes up for an excellent dessert or a light snack. It is better to cook quinoa well in advance; preferably the night before having it. In the morning, you can heat the quinoa in a microwave for a minute and then mix it with parfait before serving. Bodybuilders hardly need to spend $3.5 for this meal and in return they are sure to get a good dose of protein and Carbs!

2] Brown Rice with Chicken and Peppers

This wonderful meal is as flavorful as any of your favorite takeout. The only difference is that it contains very little salt, dough and fat in it. With less than 20 minutes required to prepare this meal, bodybuilders can munch on the food quickly. It also costs less than $6 per meal. The main ingredients, chicken and brown rice are what make this dish extremely nutritious. The higher percentage of protein and Carbs in this meal makes it a perfect choice for all bodybuilders that are low on budget.

3] Chicken Hummus Wrap

If you are running low on time and food budget, this is the perfect meal you can have anytime during the day. The wrap chiefly consisting of chicken, prepared hummus and fresh vegetables travels well and can be easily and quickly had at your workout place. Being a highly versatile dish, you can literally add any fresh vegetable and in any quantity. A chicken hummus wrap meal should not cost you more than $2.50 and therefore, will not hurt your budget in any way.

4] Florentine Omelet Sandwich

This makes for a wonderful and nutritious breakfast meal. If you have had the experiences of skipping breakfasts recently, then try having some of these sandwiches. It hardly takes 5 minutes or so to prepare this meal. In return, you are sure to get energy amount that will help you sustain yourself for the rest of the day. It is fairly easy to prepare this meal and will hardly cost you $1.50 to prepare it. This meal too has rich percentage of Carbs and protein it.

5] Peach Protein Smoothie

If smoothies make you go crazy, then consider having a peach protein smoothie as it is protein rich and makes for an incredible breakfast or a light snack. While it hardly takes a minute to prepare this smoothie; it is incredibly tasty and nutritious. For less than $2 you can have this smoothie on sale. With almost no fat content in it, this smoothie can be a wonderful partner for bodybuilders whilst they are busy building muscles and increase their lean muscle mass.

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