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Try these Pre Workout Foods to See the Desired Results in You

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Have you tried working out before having any food? Did you feel irritable or tired mid-way through your workouts? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then you can take heart from the fact that you are not alone in this world that has had problems dealing with pre workout regimes. In fact, there are millions in this world that make the mistake of having improper or no food before they start working out and a result they end up hurting their performance levels. Having adequate quantities of pre workout foods can make a lot of difference to your attempts in weight loss and gaining lean muscle mass.

Having pre workout foods are also essential in maintaining blood sugar levels and preventing medical conditions like fatigue, light-headedness, indecisiveness and blurred vision. Pre workout foods help in absorbing gastric juices more effectively and help in settling down your stomach. These foods are also essential for fueling your muscles with the right kinds of carbohydrates. However, make sure that you are not having excessive quantities of pre workout foods or consume them too quickly. For maximizing your performance levels and to ensure you are on right track to reduce your excess weight and gain more lean muscles, you need to have pre workout foods that contain right quantities of carbohydrates, protein, fat, etc.

Here are some foods you can consider having at least an hour before you start working out. Make sure you are having them at appropriate quantities.

1] Whole grain Bread

One of the best sources of carbohydrates, whole grain bread can be had with other foods like hard-boiled eggs and honey or jam at least an hour before you start working out. When you are having these foods you are sure to supply your body with at least 20 grams of protein and 30 grams of carbohydrates.

2] Oatmeal

Before you start working out in the mornings, consider having a good portion of oatmeal as it can help you get ready for a heavy workout session. Having oatmeal at least 45 minutes before you start working out will ensure your body is well settled to handle the rigors of workout sessions and that you are supplied with enough energy throughout. Consider topping your oatmeal with different fruits to vary its taste.

3] Protein Shakes

Whether you are working out alone or in a gym, make sure you are having your daily dose of protein shakes well before you start working out. Why are these shakes important? They help in developing your bones and muscles.

4] Yogurt

Yogurt can provide you a quick dose of energy that is absolutely beneficial just before you start working out. Yogurt contain right amounts of protein, calcium and natural sugar that will not just assist you digest your foods, but also easy on your stomach. Consider having yogurt with a healthy dose of honey, fruits and cereals to give you some variety and quick dose of energy.

5] Bananas

The presence of starch, sugar and potassium is what makes bananas so special for all those who wish to work out with a lot of energy. A small sized banana when consumed at least 45 minutes before you start working out can supply your body with enough amount of energy that will help you keep going all through your workout routine. Bananas, in this regard, can be considered as a carbohydrate rich fuel that your body needs badly before you start working out.

6] Granola Bars

Having granola bars before you start working out will ensure you will have adequate quantities of reserve energy to help your energy levels throughout a session. These bars are typically rich in carbohydrates and should have minimal quantities of fiber, proteins and fat.

7] Chicken with Brown Rice

It does not matter when you are working out, mornings or evenings, eating right proportions of brown rice with chicken can make a world of difference to your workout endeavors. The reason this food combination will work for you is that while brown rice gets absorbed slowly in your body and will provide you the right amounts of carbohydrates and fiber, chicken is known to be a wonderful source of protein and lean meat. To supply your body with 300 calories before you start working out, you would ideally need about 2 pieces of chicken with 30 grams of brown rice.

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