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Nutritional Challenges of the Vegetarian Diet

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Vegetarian Diet Served on PlateVegetarian person is one who eats only vegetables and fruits and explicitly avoids animals flesh. Most of the people on vegetarian diet tend to eat dairy products like milk and eggs but avoid all kind of meat. Some of the vegetarians tend to avoid all animals byproducts all together as well.  This paper will throw light on the vegetarian bodybuilders. The vegetarian bodybuilders gain all source of proteins and energy from plants and fruits. As meat contains important nutrition for the body, the bodybuilders find it very challenging to meet their daily nutritional requirements.

There are number of benefits associated with vegetarian diet as well. Every vegetarian person has different motive for this i.e. religious motive or health motive. Vegetarians enjoy lot of health benefits omnivorous do not get. For instance, the vegetables are very low in saturated fat, high in vitamins and fiber. So, vegetarian may not become obese in the end. Bodybuilders need certain amount of fat and protein in their daily nutritional intake in order to perform well and vegetables fails to provide optimum nutrition at times.

On the other hand, vegetables have very low level of zinc, creatine and iron unlike omnivorous diet. Calcium and vitamin b12 is also low in vegetables. As far as protein is concerned, the vegans do not face any problem in meeting their calcium requirement because some of the vegetables contain more protein as compared to meat sources. No vegetable source contains creatine and thus, the bodybuilders need to take supplements of creatine so that creatine requirement can be fulfilled. It is because creatine provides lot of energy to the bodybuilders and trainers.

Vegetarian Diet Gourmet DishProtein, amino acids, creatine and vitamin b12 are important source of energy for the bodybuilder. For this reason, they need to be consumed on regular basis so that bodybuilders can perform to their optimum level.   The main sources of protein for vegans include soy, nut proteins, rice and supplements. An inadequate protein level in body can lead to imbalance in nitrogen in body leading to reduce muscle growth and protein synthesis. The creatine is only present in meat and thus vegetarians should consume supplements to meet their requirement of creatine.  The amino acids can be replenished through soy, chia seeds and buckwheat.  Amino acids are very useful for overall health of the bodybuilders and without amino acids, bodybuilders cannot perform to their maximum endurance level.

As mentioned above, the vegetarian’s diet does not have adequate amount of zinc, iron and vitamin b12. This deficiency can be managed through additional supplements and varied diet. Zinc deficiency can be managed through consuming broccoli, leafy veggies, cereals and pumpkin too. The vitamin b12 deficiency can be managed through fortified food and injections. Vitamin b12 is responsible for maintaining the nervous system and its deficiency can lead to black out and fatigue.

The nutritional challenges of the vegetarian diet can easily be managed through consuming varied diet and supplements. A healthy and varied vegetarian diet has many benefits for the bodybuilders. There is plenty of literature available, which advocates the benefits of vegetable diet for bodybuilders.  Many famous athletes only consume vegetarian diet. At the end of the day, if one is eating healthy and properly, there is no chance of performing not well. The bodybuilders can easily practice their religious views and perform to their optimum level on field too.

To conclude, vegetarians are those who do not consume animal flesh. They have different reasons for this choice including religious or other motive. As meat is the main source of nutrition for bodybuilders, vegetarians can fulfill these needs by eating a balanced and varied diet along with nutritional supplements.

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