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LCHF – Low Carbohydrate High Fat Diet

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LCHF Diet LogoThere have been two noted personalities who have researched about the LCHF ie The Low Carb High Fat Diet. This diet was introduced in the 21st century and has continued with certain changes throughout the years. First was the author of the book ‘’The Real Meal Revolution’’, whose name was Professor Tim Noakes. Tim Noakes also happened to be a well renowned professor at the University of Cape town in South Africa and his book is one of the most well read books in South Africa. He was followed in his research over LCHF by none other than Dr. Peter Bruckner. Dr. Peter Bruckner was the doctor of the Australian cricket team at the time of his research. This was its origin. We will learn more about its aspects and properties in the upcoming paragraphs and articles.

Definition of Low Carbohydrate High Fat Diet :

As the term might indicate, this kind of diet requires a high fat degree, a very low carbohydrate consumption and a moderate protein consumption. The required amount in term of percentages is :

Carbohydrate : 5-10 %

Fat : 70-80 %

Protein : 10-20 %

In relation to this the food that the consumer is required to eat includes :



Non-scratchy vegetables/salads


And the food meant to avoid during this diet include

All types of grains may it be pasta or bread

All types of sugar may it be fructose or syrups

LCHF diet and it’s carbohydrate content :

It depends on the metabolism of the person on how much carbohydrate his system can handle. Some cannot handle the amount of carbohydrate above 50 gram. While others can handle even 150 gram carbohydrate easily because their metabolic system allows them to. Although this diet requires the person to take 50-100 gram carbohydrate daily. But depending wholly on your system you are allowed to lessen the intake if it doesn’t suit.

LCHF Diet and Keto – Adaptation :

Keto is a word derived from ketones which is defined as the break down of fat and the increase in levels of the amount of fat our bodies burn. Keto – adaption is when we stop ingesting a good amount of carbohydrate and instead consume a lot of fat. The period then taken to adjust to this change and realize if it’s for the better or for the worse is known as Keto Adaptation. It is a very important part of the LCHF diet and lets us know if the person is up to the diet or if his system rejects it.

LCHF diet and its logistics:

Two popular diets have surfaced in the past century. One was the Low Carbohydrate High fat diet while the other was the Low fat high carbohydrate diet. One of them proved to be better in a medical sense and was better at losing weight. This was of course the LCHF diet. Professor Tim Noakes conducted a research on this diet in South Africa on 127 individuals, who reported to have lost 1900 kg combined weight. Out of these 19 subjects happily stated that this diet cured their medical diseases. These diseases mostly included type 2 diabetes, but in some cases it also cured type 1 diabetes. It cured the irritable bowel syndrome and in some subjects relieved them of hyper tension. This diet also proved to be good for the patients of epilepsy.

LCHF diet in History:

It is a theory that in the past our ancestors used to survive on low carbohydrate diet. This allowed them to be better and faster hunters. So some scientists believe that this is the reason this diet suits us, because it was trained into our systems. Some nomadic cultures still incorporate this diet.


This diet has been proven beneficial in more than one aspect. These are

Health Benefits
Disease control
Weight loss

But it is difficult to follow this diet due to the size of our wheat/sugar industries and their ever increasing power.

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