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Know Your Amino Acids

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What are amino acids?Buy Best Amino Acids Supplements Amino acids is the thing that keeps your brain working, your tissues functioning, your cells breathing and your enzymes multiplying. It strengthens up your body and its biggest boast is that it builds muscles and repairs them. But enough of the physical advantages, amino acid molecules in your food help you with mental dis orders like depression etc. Amino acids are basically found in proteins. Dairy products like eggs and meat have lots of proteins. Here comes the question of the vegetarians. Well, the amino acid diet is very strict for the vegetarians since they don’t usually ingest foods with proteins in them. Here we will discuss the presence of amino acids in foods and different life forms.

Presence of amino acid in foods:

There are two types of amino acids :

Conditionally Essential

Essential or indispensable amino acids are those which cannot be manufactured by the body so are required to be taken in through foods. Though some proteins don’t have the essential amino acids so they are called incomplete and those which do have them are called complete proteins.

The second form of amino acids mentioned above are those which are manufactured by the body so there is no special need of their intake through food unless the metabolic system of the body gets harmed and their intake becomes crucial.

There is a cycle through which our body is supplied with amino acids. First comes the living organisms, unicellular and multicellular, plants or animals through which we get food. In this food proteins are present. These proteins contain different types of amino acids. We consume these amino acids then leave it up to our metabolism whether it digests it or rejects it.

There are many important aspects of proteins we have to consider before we ingest them.
We need to consider:

Even when we are done with this characterization, we have to consider the food. Some foods like meat have more proteins in them than others (vegetables). So it all comes down to the type of food we intake.

Presence of Amino acids in Plants:

In the above passages most of you might have gotten the idea that plants don’t have protein molecules in them. This is wrong. We can get protein through vegetarian food. But animal proteins are still more preferable to plant protein because of a number of reasons given below.

Our bodies require amino acids like lysine and methionine. These are essential amino acids hence are meant to be gotten from outside sources but most plants are incapable of providing us with these amino acids. Instead, the proteins that plants provide us with usually contain non-essential amino acids.

There are numerous chemicals present in plant proteins that make the amino acids present in them in-digestible. There are enzymes present in soybeans which inhibit the breakdown of amino acids in our systems.

We come to the conclusion that un-processed and un tested plant proteins might be dangerous and in-digestible but if properly processed, plant proteins can be just as beneficial as animal protein. They carry a lot less fat than animal protein, so they are actually better in that way.

Presence of amino acids in dairy products:

Dairy products are one of the main suppliers of proteins i.e amino acids. Here we will discuss one specific dairy product that is milk.

Casein and whey are two of the most essential proteins out there. These proteins are noted for two important functions which are :

Muscle building
Speedy digestibility
Both of these proteins are present in milk.

Amino Acids OatsPresence of amino acids in oats:

Who doesn’t want immunity? Athletes for example are in crucial need of it. This is where oats come in. Oats, although are plants, contain almost all the amino acids. Due to which they improve our digestive health as well as give our system some immunity.

Though as is the case with most plant proteins, oats also lack in essential amino acids like lysine, yet they make up for it with many other benefits.

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