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Health Benefits of Running

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Running is a great form of exercise. Not only does it give you your ideal body but also boosts your self-confidence too. However, many of us show reluctance in running. We have numerous excuses for not running even though we are aware of its benefits.  Running is a very good exercise for those who want to lose weight quickly. Toning is another benefit associated with running. No longer, we require carrying heavy dumbbells as we can reap same benefits from running. Everyone can find this article useful. This article will help you gain information regarding benefits of running and why should you skip all other form of exercises and focus on running only.

Running vs. Walking

There are number of benefits of running over walking.  During running, the individual is in flight phase. During running, an individual is neither on ground neither airborne but somewhere in between. On the other hand, during walking, the individual has one foot on ground at all times. Running is faster as compared to walking too. However, the speed may vary from individual to individual depending on their fitness level.

In terms of energetic, running and walking are much different. During running, energy is obtained from stored body fast whereas in case of walking, the energy is obtained from oxygen.  However, at low speeds, runners obtain energy from oxygen level too. Running is only beneficial if the speed is high. It is because at lower speeds, the benefits from running and walking are just the same. There are many health benefits associated with running as discussed in the next section.

Health Benefits of Running

Running is a very good exercise in order to improve overall health. With constant and regular running, one can achieve desired fitness level too.  Running improves cardiovascular fitness too which results in lower chances of cardiovascular diseases. It is ideal for those individual aiming for weight loss.  Many of us lift heavy weight in order to tone the body. However, running offers same benefits. Regular running tones the whole body giving you a sleek and healthy look.

For all those women striving to achieve beautiful skin, running is the ultimate solution. No longer, you need to invest in beauty products, as regular running makes you sweat all the toxins in your body that results in healthy and beautiful skin. Running is a complete beauty regime that can make you look beautiful with minimal efforts.

Buy On Running ShoesRunning is also beneficial for bone growth and density. Regular running leads to better absorption of calcium in body leading to better and healthy bones. Many psychologists swear by running mental benefits. Running improves mental coordination and attentiveness. People who regularly run tend to happier and do not become depressed easily.

On the other hand, too much of anything can have negative impact on health. Running is no exception. Too much running can cause injuries to the runner. These injuries can become chronic if not properly taken care of.   Hence, in order to reap benefits of running, it is very important to do everything in moderation. It is ideal to run twice or thrice a week in order to attain maximum benefits. Proper warm up and cool down should be done to avoid any injury too. Nutrition should also be taken care of if planning to run on regular basis. The body needs to have adequate fuel so that running does not tire you.

To conclude, running may have some drawbacks but its advantages cannot be neglected.  The only thing that needs to be taken care of by runner is to avoid overdoing it so that optimal benefits can be enjoyed.

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