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How to Blast Away Belly Fat

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Though muscles play a large role in determining your actual body shape and its weight, the contribution of your body fat is even more important. In fact, if you know the knack of reducing your belly fat or fat stored in other parts of your body, then it highly possible for you to reduce your weight considerably. Though there are several ways to go about reducing your belly fat, it is the different sets of exercises that are still considered the best way to do it.

To reduce your belly fat effectively and quickly you need to concentrate on different kinds of exercises that will target different areas of your body.

Therefore, combining different forms of aerobics and cardio exercises will go a long way in ensuring you are on the right track to reduce excess fat content from your belly area. However, you need to make sure that you are not suffering from any specific medical conditions. In cases like these it is better to consult a general physician and seek his or her advice before you move on to your exercise and other regimes.

Make sure that you are incorporating these important things to help you reduce belly fat quickly and in a right way:

1] Exercises in short bursts

Getting rid of stomach fat and toning your stomach muscles cannot be achieved straightaway. In fact, doing 1000 crunches in the night will not help you burn excess stomach fat by morning. Instead of this you need to concentrate on doing different exercises that will help you focus on a variety of muscles in and around your stomach. For example, you can consider trying planking with your forearms being completely rested on the ground. For this you need to remain in your push up position and try at least 4 sets with each of these sets lasting for about 30 seconds or so. Walking around your area at regular intervals throughout the day too should help you!

2] Sleeping

Getting at least 7 hours of sleep a day can make a world of difference to your belly fat losing endeavors. When you lose sleep regularly or do not get it often, then your biorhythms get badly hit and therefore you end up eating more in the morning. Also, when you are tired, your body starts generating Ghrelin that in turn becomes responsible for the production of fats and increasing sugar levels in the body. Therefore, it is vital that you sleep well every day.

3] Vitamin C

The body starts releasing cortisol hormone when you are in extreme stress. Intake of vitamin C is right measures can help reduce this stress level in a great way. Vitamin C, besides helping you fight normal cold is also useful in releasing carnitine, an important ingredient that helps your body convert excess fat content into fuel. Therefore, proper intake of vitamin C can help you lessen your stomach fat greatly. Oranges, kiwi fruits, kale and bell peppers are considered the best source for vitamin C.

4] make sugar your primary enemy

Your attempts in reducing calorie intake and reducing sugar content in your foods can go a long way in reducing belly fat. You need to start eating foods that are rich in whole grains, vegetables, protein, etc. For example, if you have a craving for latte that is usually loaded with calories, then try replacing it with Muscle milk lite as it contains lots of protein and no sugar content in it. Also try cinnamon in your oatmeal or morning coffee. This wonder spice is known to help control your sugar level and helps slow down the rate at which foods exits from your stomach; thereby making you feel full most of the times.

5] Eat well

Yes, that’s right. In order to reduce belly fat, you need to eat healthily. If you want to reduce belly fat you need to consume right kinds of fat. There are many foods that contain right kinds of fat in them, like walnuts, avocados and salmon.

6] Breathe slowly

Breathing slowly and correctly will not only help you relax after some tense moments, but it will also help you in burning your excess belly fat. As a standard procedure, you may consider taking shallow breaths or short breaths alternatively when you are most stressed out. Start breathing slowly whilst relaxing your belly at the same time. For most people battling with belly fat related issues this method has worked perfectly.

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